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4 Reasons People Leave BlogSpot

4 Reasons People Leave BlogSpot

Blogspot once became the king of the blogging community. It provides easy-to-use, fast, simple, and free media to create a blog. Now, we can only see blogspot lose popularity. Why does it happen?

Safety Problems

As a free platform for blogging, it is not surprising if it only provides a necessary safety feature for its users. Compared to the paid service, your data is exposed on the internet. To make it even worse, another free blogging service provides a better safety feature than BlogSpot, such as WordPress.

This problem becomes one of the reasons why BlogSpot is not popular anymore. The needs for better protection, especially if you use your blog to keep visitor data, are high today. So, many bloggers change their platforms to other services.

You Have No Control Over Your Blog

You can edit your blog post or create a new blog post. You can change the template on your blog. But, other than that, you have practically no control over your blog. Google has them, instead.

It means Google can easily access your data through the blog you created on BlogSpot. They can use it for their advantages, such as promoting content and product. You have no freedom and your privacy is also not protected.

Google Can Remove Your Blog Anytime

This problem is one of the most annoying things you can get from using BlogSpot. Google has full control over your blog, so it can do anything to it. They can remove the blog post and even delete your entire blog.

Recently, we received some reports that show why blogspot lose popularity. Many bloggers lose their content because Google turns it back to draft form. Google said that the content breaks the Google policy. Worst of all, some of the removed blog content is content from more than five years ago.

To make it even more problematic, many contents in the same blog also have similar information and writing style. But, they didn’t get any problems from Google. This kind of annoying thing happens very often. That makes people give up and use other blogging services.

Limited Design Option

Compared to other blogging services, BlogSpot only provides limited options to change your blog appearance. You can get a third-party template for your blog, though. That also has some risk of exposing your data to other parties.

If you want to get more design options, you need to pay. It is different from other free blogging services. Many of them provide design options with all elements that are editable. Therefore, you have more freedom to create a blog that shows your style and personality.


In short, the problems bloggers have with BlogSpot, Google interference, and less freedom we get from this service are the reasons why blogspot lose popularity. Also, the BlogSpot competitor provides much better service and keeps improving, which attracts BlogSpot users to use them. We don’t know what will happen to BlogSpot. If it keeps getting worse, Google might close its other services.

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