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How Long Your SEO-Friendly Blog Post Should Be

How Long Your SEO-Friendly Blog Post Should Be

Blogging is still relevant nowadays and there are some reasons why people still have to blog despite all the other online platforms they can use. Blogging is crucial because it can boost SEO, but of course, you have to create an SEO-friendly blog post.

How long should your blog post be called SEO-friendly? How many words should you include in every blog post? You might just want to write articles without paying attention to the SEO aspect, but you do not want to ignore it if you want to make the best use of blogging.

How Many Words for an SEO-friendly Blog Post

According to certain research, the ideal blog should have about 1700-2500 words. From various data and experiences for a long time, it seems that Google's search engine algorithm loves longer content than shorter ones.

However, some people might not be able to create blog posts that long. In this circumstance, they can aim to post more than 1000 words of content to make it perform better than average. They should not post articles with less than 300 words to avoid being categorized as thin content on your website.

Other Factors That Are More Important than Length to Boost SEO

One thing is for sure, to make your website search engine optimized, you need to take a few steps that are not just considering the length of your blog. Of course, word counts will be necessary to create an SEO-friendly blog post, but you can find other more important factors to boost SEO.

The first thing is the number of other websites that are linked to your website. The more outside domains linked to your website, the more traffic can be generated to your website. It can create a bigger impact on your conversion and sales than just the length of the blog.

Yes, keywords are important for every SEO-friendly blog, but you have to include them carefully. Too many keywords on a blog will not be good because it will be considered spamming. A great way to add keywords to your article is by putting it in the subheading. You will be surprised how great it will impact your ranking.

Of course, you cannot just use any keyword. You have to use targeted keywords from the beginning. You can blog about what you care about the most, but you might just waste your time if there is no one looking for it.

You want to create a blog that can run in the long run. That is why you need to write an article that can hook readers by making it high-quality and relevant with a positive user experience.

The point of making long blog posts is to make visitors spend more time on your website. However, they will leave your website right away if the long blog post is not interesting or engaging. That is why making an engaging post will be better than making a long post.

Although an SEO-friendly blog post is quite long, humans live shorter blog posts. That is why you need to make it feel shorter by using bullet points, bigger paragraphs at the beginning, and headlines.

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