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How to Use Search Engine to Make Your Website Top Rank

How to Use Search Engine to Make Your Website Top Rank

Making the website’s trust in the search engine is a must for getting more traffic. Google is the best SEO for your website and blog. Google’s trust will make your website get the highest rank on Google. You can fill it with meta tags, hidden text, and some SEO features. Here are some ways to use search engines to make your website top rank.

1. Getting SSL Certificate

You may not have SSL-Cert and do not require it. However, having an SSL certificate for all forms on your website is necessary. It shows the search engine that you are serious about your website's security and popularity. It is helpful to ensure the users in which the information details will be sent through a secure channel. If you are a website spammer, you may ignore the website’s security.

2. Registering Your Domain for Ten Years

Another step to make your website top rank is registering your domain for 10 years. You can register it for paying $10 per year for ten years. It shows that you are serious about your business and domain. Famous spammers will register domains to do any evil business and let them fall. You must protect your website by registering too. If you do spam, you will spend money for registration. It will make your website seed the top rank on the search engine.

3. Getting a Dedicated IP Address

If you cannot get a good IP address, you do not share it with the other unwanted site. It is a debatable topic broadly. But, the consensus among SEOs is that an IP static address is better. You should get a dedicated IP address to make your website get the top rank. Getting a special IP address will be a simple matter like calling a hosting company and asking to pay extra money for a month for special rights.

4. Getting Top Authority Directory List

A paid and high-quality free directory shows a search engine that you sometimes want to spend much more money to promote your business. You can market it online. You can add it to your site on Yahoo and Business Directory or the top authority directory list. You must prepare annual costs to maintain your website's popularity with webmasters. Every authority directory usually takes different ranges and rates for each service. The search engine will track your website manually and regard to seed the top rank on Google.

5. Using Your Whois Data

The last tip to make your website top rank is using your whois data. Do not hide behind domain privacy services if you do not have legal needs. There will be proof on the search engine seeing it. It will make your site lack the trust of normal visitors and viewers. You should keep whois data. It must be suitable to your contact details on your website and privacy regulations. After you apply all things, it will have a real increase in the top rank on the search engine, quality score, and online visibility.

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