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Internet In Our Daily Lives

Internet In Our Daily Lives

Technology of the internet has an impact on all parts of our life, from how we interact to how we learn and think. The internet's development in the late 1960s was critical in ushering in the 24/7 information era. Learning has grown more participatory, collaborative, and convenient as technology of internet in our daily lives has advanced.

Similarly, the emergence of creative phone applications has expanded access to knowledge and understanding of concerns such as wellness and money. The internet has given development to social networking, email, or video conferencing in the realm of communication. On the other side, the platform has recently gotten a lot of bad attention. It is as a result of security breaches, privacy scandals, cyber-theft, cyber-bullying, internet addiction, child pornography, and the spread of fake news.

Positive Impact of Internet in Our Daily Lives

1. Improve Connections

The internet serves as a worldwide networking platform that serves as a beacon for today's technologies. Over 7 billion mobile device users rely on internet technology to do a variety of activities. Laptops, tablets, as well as smartphones have become widespread as a result of the industry's rapid expansion.

According to mobile internet use habits in the United States, consumers use more time on smartphones exchanging instant messages, visiting social networking sites, online surfing, and enjoying music. One may quickly communicate with friends, family, and new acquaintances who live thousands of miles away by using instant messaging platforms and video conversations.

2. Improved Communication

The internet's advent as a tool for communication has had a wide-ranging impact. Most individuals utilize the site for socializing, information access, and profession and commerce. Political tales, health suggestions, and government services are examples of popular information.

People all around the world utilize social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter to stay in touch with beloved ones. The Apps are entertaining and simple to use. A relevant text may be written and shared in a matter of minutes.

Furthermore, companies of all sizes can post their information. You can quickly discover a pizza shop, an automatic car wash while on a road trip, or obviously everything else with extended internet connectivity.

3. Encourage Education

The internet made learning more enjoyable and easier. Students may now easily access a wealth of study resources and video lectures. With platforms such as Google, people can ask any query and get immediate answers. People who want to pursue various occupations and e-commerce also utilize the internet for applying for employment, taking online classes, and even making payments.

Negative Impact of Internet in Our Daily Lives

1. Problems with Social Life

The internet has a positive impact on education but can also negatively affect morals and politics. Excessive social media use can lead to loneliness, social isolation, and low self-esteem. A 2017 study found that up to 60% of social media users have low self-esteem and believe it's easier to be misled by others using online information.

2. Cybercrimes

The internet's popularity has led to cybercrimes, including identity theft, phishing, fraud, and hacking. The dark web has become a platform for trading stolen data and materials. Computer viruses and ransomware can also cause loss of money, valuable information, and hardware damage.

3. Effects on Development

Excessive internet usage may harm children's development and growth by reducing attention span, critical thinking, and language learning. In adults, addiction to mobile gaming leads to sedentary lives, improper activity, and health issues such as stress, sleeplessness, and anxiety.

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