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The Best Time to Do Exercise

The Best Time to Do Exercise

Do you want to start doing exercise? If so, you should know the best time to do exercise and the benefit of doing it. This information ensures you do the exercise right away. At the same time, doing exercise at the right time will maximize the results. As a result, you can achieve your health goals.  

Morning Exercise

Say you only have time to do exercise in the morning. So, when should you do the exercise? According to science, doing exercise in the morning is good. It will be better if you do it on an empty stomach. 

In the process, your body will burn stored fat. That’s why trainers or doctors suggest overweight clients exercise in the morning before breakfast. The best time to start the exercise is at 7 A.M.

Sweating in the morning will not make you tired or sleepy. In contrast, it fixes your mood and mental health. The healthier your body and mind, the more productive you are. 

Afternoon Exercise

What about if Morning exercise is not for you? It is not a big deal! You can still do some exercise in the afternoon. Swimming is a good exercise to do in the afternoon. Indeed, you can do other workouts based on your health goal. 

The best time to do exercise in the afternoon is between 1 P.M. and 4 P.M. So, what are the benefits of doing workouts in this period? It affects your blood sugar level a lot! During this period, you have eaten your lunch. It boosts blood sugar level.  

Instead of taking a nap, go get your shoes and walk outside. This simple exercise can reduce blood sugar levels. You can even burn up to 10 percent of calories in the body. 

The more stable your blood sugar level, the healthier you are. It prevents you from a variety of diseases, such as diabetes, stroke, high cholesterol level, and others. 

Night Exercise

Some of you may be busy in the morning and afternoon. The only option to do exercise is at night. Can you do exercise at night? The good news is that you can do exercise at night. Experts suggest you do workouts between 7 P.M. and 10 P.M. 

Try to do workouts that will relieve your stress. It is critical since you are about to go to sleep. Yoga is one of the recommended workouts you can do at night. 

Surprisingly, it is also a recommended period for dieters. Night workout reduces the hormone ghrelin. This hormone stimulates hunger. The lower the level of the hormone ghrelin, the lower your hunger feeling. 

The point is that you can do exercise anytime you want. It depends on your health goal and your schedule. The best time to do exercise is right now after reading this article. 

Remember! The more you procrastinate to do a workout, the bigger the health risks. It is even worse if you have an unhealthy eating habit. Follow the rules above and do your favorite exercise regularly. Soon, you will be satisfied with the result.

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