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What is Page Authority? Here's Explanation

What is Page Authority Here's Explantation

Page Authority (PA) is a metric used to assess the quality or reputation of pages on a website. Many people say that Page authority and Domain Authority (DA) are the same. DA is only used to evaluate the performance of all pages on a website, while PA is used to evaluate the performance and quality of content on one particular web page.

So, here we are going to talk about what is page authority and the best ways to increase it. This is very important for those of you who use Google as a business tool. Therefore, you should read the explanation in this article to the end.

Aspects of Google Assessment for Page Authority

Google measures web authority using a certain algorithm. The criteria for evaluating the page are determined based on on-page and off-page SEO. Meanwhile, aspects of Google's assessment of Page Authority are influenced by the following aspects of the assessment.

1. Quality of Internal Links

Internal links are useful for making it easier for search engines to find out the relevance or relationship of one web page to another. Internal links also function to facilitate user navigation in finding other sites. That's what makes internal links can help you to increase page authority.

2. User Behavior

User behavior relates to the length of time a user spends on a website and the interactions it performs such as web scrolling, clicking photos, and buying products on that web page. If visitors have a long duration on the web page, then Google considers that the website has good information needed by search engines and users. This makes the PA rating high.

3. Page Traffic

Not only the duration of web visitors, the number of web visitors also shows that the information on the web is good and is needed by many internet users. It affects the quality of PA. Therefore, to increase traffic, you must create good content using keywords that are searched for by users.

How to Increase Page Authority

Having understood the important aspects of PA and what is page authority, we will now discuss the best ways to increase page authority. Some of the ways are as follows. Take it easy, all of these methods are very easy to do.

1. Creating Interesting and Informative Content

The first way is to create interesting and informative content. Therefore, you must be up to date with various topics that are being widely published and searched by internet and social media users. Then, make that topic as one of the contents on your website.

However, you may not use useless content. You should choose positive content that is useful for many people but also liked by internet users. In this way, your website will be liked by many users and it will bring in traffic that can increase PA.

2. Use a Link Building Strategy

Another way you can do this is to use positive backlinks that have a positive impact on SEO. These backlinks have the same function as internal links, namely to increase PA. So, you need to work with other web owners to be able to include these backlinks on your web page. However, these backlinks must be related to the theme of the content you are creating.

So, now you understand what is page authority, right? Apart from the methods above, you also have to improve the user experience of the web. The trick is to do a web audit using Google Search Console to find out the various pages that must be optimized.

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