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Will Google Stop Blogger? Here's Answer

Will Google Stop Blogger Here's Answer

In recent years, Blogger has experienced a decline in the number of users. Usually, Google will remove services that are less attractive to users. So, will Google stop Blogger? The answer can be “yes” and “no,” depending on the Blogger user.

If there are still many Blogger users, Google will not close Blogger. To understand more about is Blogger outdated? Let's discuss it here.

The Beginning of Info that Blogger will be Terminated by Google

Before news emerged about Google stopping Blogger, Google had previously terminated Google Plus. Finally, many Blogger users are concerned that Google will discontinue Blogger as well. In fact, many of the Blogger users make Blogger a place to do business.

Apart from that, most of the information that says that Google will close down Blogger is that there are many internet marketers that encourage many users to use platforms other than Blogger. An example is WordPress.

Then, does Google support Blogger? Until now, there has been no notification and official signs from Google that Blogger will be discontinued. Meanwhile, for Google Plus, the service was discontinued because it was unable to compete with other social media such as Instagram and TikTok.

Apart from that, Blogger can still be used today. This is evident from various Blogger sites that can still be accessed and used. So, Blogger users shouldn't worry about information that Blogger will be terminated by Google.

Why Won't Google Stop Blogger?

Will Google stop Blogger? No. From the various information that has been obtained, it can be seen that Google will not stop Blogger for the following reasons.

First, Blogger was created specifically to increase the amount of content on the internet. With this free blog, Google supports Google users to become content creators. Therefore, the main goal of Blogger is to expand content on Google. This will have a positive impact on improving Google's performance.

Therefore, Blogger is not only a Google service, but also one of Google's ways to be the best search engine. Because Google is a search engine, Google needs content and Blogger provides various types of content. So, Google relies heavily on Blogger.

That is the reason why Google will not close Blogger. If Google shuts down Blogger, then a lot of websites will disappear. If that happens, then Google will lose a lot of traffic and it will adversely affect Google's performance as a search engine.

In addition, Google also still uses Blogger as the main blog. Examples are Official Blogger, Google AI Blog, Chrome Google Blog, and Google Official Blog. So, that is also the reason why Google won't shut down Blogger.

Blogger is also still experiencing a lot of development from Google. Examples are templates and dashboard designs. Google will not update its service which will be discontinued. So, this can be one proof that Google will not delete Blogger.

With all the explanations above, now the worries of Blogger users have been answered. So, will Google stop Blogger? No. If Google removes Blogger, then Google's position as a search engine will be replaced by another search engine.

So, Google is definitely going to let Blogger exist. However, Google has to do a lot of updating and marketing to get more people to use Blogger. If indeed Google will stop Blogger, then Google will provide official information before actually stopping the service.

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