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4 Tips to Speed Your Website

4 Tips to Speed Your Website

People will leave your website if it can’t load in two seconds! So, ensure that visitors see your website once they click the link. Apply the tips below if the loading speed of your website is not as fast as two seconds. 

Reduce the Size of Your Images 

An image is one of the crucial elements of a website. It makes content looks entertaining and pleasant to read. The problem is that the size of images in your content may affect the loading speed. The more images on your content, the slower the website's loading speed. 

So, what do you have to do to solve this problem? Deleting all the images in the content is not the answer. The best trick you can do is to reduce or compress the image. Use specific software, such as Photoshop to reduce the size of the images. 

In most cases, resizing the width and height of the image is enough. Then, upload the compressed images back to the content. Load the content and you will see the difference in the sense of its speed. 

Limit the Use of Video

Video is also a good way to increase traffic to a website. It makes visitors stay longer on your website. Just like applying images on a website, uploading video on a website also significantly affects the load speed. 

Despite its positive impacts, it will be better to remove all videos in your content. It will be better to give a good first impression to visitors instead of seeing your traffic reduce drastically. 

Consider Twice When Using Popups 

Some website owners use popups to gain more subscribers or offer special deals. It is a good strategy, yet you must check the loading speed of your website. This feature also has a significant impact on the website load speed. 

Imagine that Google also hates websites with popups. It seems that you should find other strategies to make visitors subscribe or take your deals. 

Don’t Put a Lot of Ads 

Have you ever visited a website with a lot of ads? What about the load speed of the website? It is so slow, right? In case you want to see the content, you will leave it immediately because it is unpleasant to read. 

Putting a lot of ads on a website is a bad strategy. First, it slows the website speed. Second, people will hate your website. As a result, your traffic will be drastically reduced. Putting one or two ads on a page is enough instead of covering all the sides with it.     

So, website load speed is a basic strategy to attract visitors to visit your website further. Ensure that they can access a page on your website for not more than two or three seconds. Then, improve the quality of your content. 

This combination will increase a website’s traffic and even subscribers or buyers. Check your website now and calculate its loading speed. Apply the tips above if you want to make the loading speed faster. Best of all, you don’t have to remove all of the elements but use them wisely so it doesn’t affect the loading speed.

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