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Google As the Best Search Engine

Google As the Best Search Engine

When we, or numerous agencies, refer to search, we're usually referring to Google. People frequently ask about why this is, which is why we decided to publish an article explaining why Google becomes the preferred search engine that is ideal for both customers as well as agencies. First, consider why people use Google. I attempted to divide the article into manageable pieces because this topic is, certainly the least, lengthy!

1. The Speed

In general, Google returns results faster than any other search engine providers. It can provide millions of outcomes within 0.19 seconds. This is due to their superior technical infrastructure compared to the rest of the search engines. Google previously experienced a fire on one of the company's server warehouses, and while the hardware was damaged, their service remained unaffected.

2. Option

Google has a far larger index of websites. It finds new sites quicker than another engine, allowing you to search for the most recent news, sites, and simply loads more pages in general. Technically, having more options should yield a better result.

3. Pertinence

The algorithm utilized by Google is far more advanced than those of the other search engines. They ought to be better at judging which pages are relevant and which aren't, especially because their algorithm is constantly updated to stay up with ever-changing digital behaviors.

Google has its fingers in a lot of data pies that the other search engines don't. As a result, with more data, Google is able to make more educated judgments, which is quite frightening when you hear that they can predict what you will type right before you do!

4. Branding

This component of Google cannot be overlooked. They're all over the place! They didn't do much advertising earlier, as they don't particularly market their search product now, but they do promote many of their other Google-based services. As a result, you've probably heard the name frequently.

5. The Market Share

As Google is used by 86% of the population of the United Kingdom, it makes sense to focus your efforts upon the dominant firm because you will probably receive a greater return of your time and investment.

6. Tools and Platform

There's no comparison if it comes to the advertising sections of such engines (Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising which was formerly Bing Ads). Google is light years ahead. Google allows you to set up anything in minutes, whereas the other platforms require days or hours. Google also gives a nice toolkit for you to employ, which includes, to mention a few, Analytics as well as Webmaster Tools. They certainly don't provide you specifics, and also leave it up to us to figure out how to adjust things correctly!

7. Support

As a Google Premier Partner, we receive access to a plethora of perks and tools to assist our customers and partners. Google's customer service is beyond this world, yet who does not enjoy a positive customer service experience?


Google is the top search engine for customers and agencies due to its speed, choice, relevance, branding, market share, tools, and platform. With 86% market share in the UK, it offers efficient advertising and support. Google Premier Partners offer various benefits and tools to enhance search experiences.

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