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Recommended Websites for Free Blogging

Recommended Websites for Free Blogging

Do you want to be a content writer, but don’t have any work experience yet? Then, you can start by building your portfolio first with the help of blogging websites. By having your own blog, recruiters will see that you have the experience of creating your own content. In this article, we will tell you recommended websites that allow you to create blogs for free.


Most of you must be already familiar with WordPress. As one of the world’s most popular website building platforms, WordPress provides 2 main services, which are and is the one that you can use for free. You just need to register on the homepage, then you can immediately create a website using WordPress’ web hosting server.

This platform is highly flexible to use because you can add various plugins, change themes, and even use your own theme. There are hundreds and even thousands of themes from online shops, office apps, and the latest technology that you can find when using WordPress is a great option if you want to blog while learning how to build your own site.

It is because WordPress gives you full control over your own website. You can even take care of the hosting software by yourself. But if you want to earn money, you cannot use the free version and you have to pay for the subscription fee.


Another platform that you are probably already familiar with. Developed by Google through Pyra Labs, has been in the game since 2003. Blogger is generally accessed using the domain address. Integrated into Google, this platform offers guaranteed security and ease that become some of the positive reasons why people like Blogger.

The navigation is user friendly, even for those who haven’t tried blogging before. Moreover, there is a domain custom feature that allows you to create a website with your own domain for free, without having to upgrade or pay for the domain.


The next recommended platform for free blogging is Wix comes to challenge other website builders as they offer comprehensive website development, from the simplest ones for beginners to complex ones for those who are already used to website development. To this day, 125 million users around the world have been using this platform.

There are hundreds of professional templates that you can use. Just like other website builders, Wix also offers a number of additional applications that you can use to run your website as you wish, such as social media and online shops. This platform also allows you to organize your own front-end.


Weebly is a comprehensive website builder to help you correctly build a website without coding. You can create a blog, personal website, or one for your business, portfolio, or event. Some themes are available and ready to use. Weebly also offers website development with a drag-and-drop system, making it super easy.

You can customize the appearance of your blog without having to deal with lines of codes. There are even more than 200 apps with good quality that make website development a piece of cake. For example, accounting, scheduling, live chat, and many others.

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