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Unique Facts of Facebook You Haven’t Known Yet

Unique Facts of Facebook You Haven’t Known Yet

Among today’s many popular social media platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram, Facebook manages to keep its existence. Around 1,3 million of Facebook users spend their time by uploading their stories and photos to social media. American users reportedly spend around 40 minutes in average on Facebook.

You probably have been a user for a long time. Do you know that Facebook has much more users than the citizens of Europe? Find out other Facebook’s unique facts that you perhaps don’t know yet.

Facebook is Bigger Than Europe

As it is said before, Facebook has much more users than the entire population in Europe. Facebook now has more than 2 billion users while the population in the whole Europe is around 446,8 million people in 2022. Meta’s fourth quarter earnings report revealed that there are 2 million active users on Facebook.

Based on the same report, Facebook also surpassed 2 billion daily users for the first time, with the addition of 16 million users in the last quarter.

Al Pacino’s Face was on the Original Facebook Homepage

Before being redesigned in 2007, Facebook’s homepage used to display a man’s face partially covered by a cloud of binary code. Called the Facebook Guy, no one knew who that man was until David Kirkpatrick revealed in his book titled The Facebook Effect that the man is the manipulated photo of Al Pacino, which was created by Mark Zuckerberg’s classmate and another friend.

Hires Hackers

Most websites will be extra careful when it comes to hackers, but Facebook thinks differently. Facebook announced the Bug Bounty program on July 19th, 2011, which paid security researchers as much as $500 to report security gaps. The giant company said that they wouldn’t be after white hackers who found the gaps. This attracted a lot of white hackers across the globe, including ones from Russia and India.

The First Network Including Microsoft and Apple

Many of you must already know how Facebook was launched for the first time, in which Zuckerberg and his friend started it with the Ivy League universities before reaching other educational institutions. But do you know with whom Facebook first became an official workplace company? In May 2006, Microsoft and Apple were also launched to the public for the very first time.

Followed by Amazon, Intel, and EA. In September 2006, everyone could join Facebook, and a year later, the social media platform already had 50 million active users.

It Creates a Disorder

Facebook makes its users addicted to it to the point it creates a disorder called Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD). Even though it is not officially and medically recognized as a disorder, researchers mentioned that it becomes an issue among teenagers. According to a study in Great Britain, FAD fully mediates a significant positive association between narcissism and stress disorder.

The study showed that narcissists are more likely to be affected by Facebook Addiction Disorder or FAD.

Those are some interesting facts about Facebook you probably don’t know yet. Which one surprises you the most?

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