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5 Types of Positive Emotions You Should Release to Be A Better Person

5 Types of Positive Emotions You Should Release to Be A Better Person

Emotion is not only about anger, sadness, and depression. It is also about something positive, such as happiness, gratitude, hope, and others. Indeed, you must keep positive emotions to make you a better person. Check the types of positive emotions you should keep to improve your life every day.


The first common positive emotion is happiness. You feel this emotion when something good happens in your life. It can be because you earn some money, achieve your goal, and many more.

The most common sign of this emotion is that you are smiling all day long. You also seem to have enough energy to do all the tasks that day.


The next common positive emotion is gratitude. It is an expression when you are thankful for something. Say you are being hospitalized for a few days.

Finally, you are feeling well and allowed to leave the hospital. Then, you feel blessed and thankful because you are healthy. It is known as the gratitude emotion.

Some people improve this feeling by doing it when waking up and before sleeping at night. They are grateful for all the achievements and everything they got that day. This emotion leads to happiness emotion. As a result, you will always have a positive vibe.


Have you ever felt accepted anything happened to you and your condition? It can be a sign that you are releasing your serenity emotion. It is also one of the types of positive emotions you should improve.

You have to realize that there is something or conditions you can't control. It even happens after trying to change it. Some people have a hard time accepting the conditions they don't expect.

As a result, they are under deep stress, depressed, and under pressure. The condition is different when you are releasing your serenity emotion. You are accepting everything in your life.

In this phase, you don't think about it anymore. Instead, you start to continue your life and try to be a better person. Indeed, the output is that you will be more positive about facing your life and the challenges in front of you.


Just because you are practicing serenity emotion doesn't mean that you lose your hope. You still have to hope for something better in the future. The truth is that hoping is also a positive emotion you should maintain.

Hope keeps you alive and wants to continue your life. Imagine if you are hopeless. It seems that your life is empty and nothing to do anymore. The worst phase is that you even want to suicide. Most suicidal cases are coming from hopeless people.


Amusement emotion is similar to happiness emotion. You want to smile and laugh once wondering your best moments. Amusement is also a type of emotion you should maintain.

This positive emotion has bigger effects on your health and life. Feeling amusement means that you are increasing the endorphin hormone in the body. This hormone boosts your positive feeling.

People love someone with positive and happy feelings. It is the reason why you will also be surrounded by kind and friendly people when you are happy, positive, and amused.

So, there are so many things you have to do to be a better person. One of them is practicing to release types of positive emotions above. It seems that these emotions give a signal to the universe that you are fine.

Surprisingly, the universe will also connect you to the same people, environment, or cycle. It is the reason why people with positive emotions often get a better opportunity. Best of all, they are also healthier and full of energy to face the day.

Faisal “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” — Albert Einstein

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