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8 Tips That'll Help Your Mobile Phone Battery Last Longer

8 Tips That'll Help Your Mobile Phone Battery Last Longer

The battery lifetime of a mobile device is important yet sometimes disregarded. Lithium-ion batteries, that are typically used in phones, have benefits including smaller, lighter cells. But with time, these batteries deteriorate, which reduces their battery life. This happens when the battery's ability to store energy declines, resulting in a shorter battery life.

How to extend the life of mobile phone's battery as much as possible? Below are 8 actions you may take:

1. Avoid Letting Your Battery Reach 0% or 100%

The best method to maintain the health of your battery is to avoid fully charging and discharging it because this might put undue strain on it and reduce its lifespan. To maintain the battery's capacity at 80% and prevent it from falling below 30%, utilize partial charging instead. Target for 90% and begin charging your phone before it hits 20%, if at all feasible.

2. Don't Charge Your Battery Over 100%

Even though it's common practice to keep the cellphone charging all night, acting so might shorten the battery's lifespan. As your battery is kept completely charged, it experiences additional strain due to the higher voltage, over time, radiation is also released. As batteries in mobile phones are not going to overheat towards the state where it poses a danger to the user, it may a few of the fastest ways of decreasing their life span by exposing them to high temperatures.

Place the cellphone in a cool, properly ventilated space if you have to keep it charging all night to ensure the heat can be discharged more quickly. Not in the bed, for example.

3. If You Can, Charge Gently

Fast charging methods can harm older phones but preserve them for emergencies as they save time. For older mobile phones in particular, slower charging via a PC or laptop is better for the battery's health. Consequently, charging via a laptop or PC has certain advantages.

4. Turn Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Off as You Don’t Use It

Do not leave Bluetooth or Wi-Fi on whenever not in use to extend the battery life of your phone. As it searches for networks and devices, the battery is depleted. It's not a big issue to switch off Wi-Fi while traveling from one location to another, yet if you're going to be gone for the entire day, shut it off to preserve power.

Android handsets have the option to disable automatic Wi-Fi, which continues to look for networks even when Wi-Fi is disabled. This will enable your phone to operate for longer between charges.

5. Your Location Services Management

Limit app usage of location services by restricting what is necessary to save battery drain. Set choices for iPhone location services under Settings > Privacy. Throughout Settings > Location > Advanced on Android, you may stop Bluetooth and Wi-Fi scanning or prevent apps from utilizing location services on the background.

6. Instead of Closing Your Apps, Manage Them

Since both the iOS and Android operating systems contain algorithms that automatically regulate background app usage, forcing applications to close in the background does not increase battery life. Instead, concentrate on reducing background app refresh.

7. Reduce the Brightness

Your phone's screen is stunning, so we understand it. The battery in your phone suffers greatly from increased screen brightness. Turning it to the lowest but still-readable level is the best course of action if you want to preserve battery life.

8. Utilize Smart Battery Settings

Smart battery setting or power-saving modes for iOS and Android smartphones automatically cut back on battery-draining features including CPU utilization, notifications, as well as screen brightness. These modes may be manually used to reduce stress on your phone's battery, particularly when used briefly or to eliminate distractions.

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