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How To Easily Learn Playing An Acoustic Guitar For Beginners

How To Easily Learn Playing An Acoustic Guitar For Beginners

We, at least once in our life, are interested in playing musical instruments. And it seems that a guitar is one of the most common musical instruments that nearly everyone has learned how to play a guitar. Whether it is a classic guitar, acoustic guitar, or electric guitar. It’s probably because guitars are more affordable compared to other musical instruments like a piano.

Also, it doesn’t take too much space. If you are interested in learning how to play a guitar, here are some tips you can follow to easily learn to play an acoustic guitar for newbies.

Learn Basic Guitar Chords

To be able to play a guitar, of course, you have to learn the basic guitar chords first. Acoustic guitars have 6 strings, and all of them have different thickness to generate different sounds. The sounds generated are also different, depending on the guitar types, like acoustic and electric guitars. Besides the sounds, another difference between these 2 guitars is the tuning part.

But both acoustic and electric guitars have the same chords. You can browse and learn basic guitar chords on the internet.

Learn How to Tune

To tune a guitar, you need to first learn about the names of strings. As it is said before, guitars come with 6 strings, with the thinnest string at the bottom and the thickest string at the top. The standard guitar string order is E, A, D, G, B, and E. You can adjust the string tune on the tuner section, which is at the end part of the guitar.

If you want higher notes, fasten the string. Vice versa, if you need lower notes, loosen the string until you get the sound as you want.

Start Strumming Your Guitar

Next, you can start to strum your guitar. The bottom string is number 1 and the top string is number 6. Use all your 5 fingers to strum the guitar. Use your thumb to strum strings number 6, 5, and 4, middle finger to strum the string number 3, index finger to strum the string number 2, and ring finger to strum the string number 1 at the bottom. Or you can position your fingers as you wish according to your comfort.

Choose the Easiest Songs

Since it is your very first time playing a guitar, choose easy songs to play and start your learning. You can look for ones on the internet like Google or YouTube. Practice your fingers and your memory of basic guitar chords using the song until you get more used to it. Practice the same one or two easy songs until you can smoothly play those songs with your guitar.

Learn Melodies

For beginners, learning melodies is probably the most difficult part. In this step, you will learn how to read notes and melodies. So, if you think you are much better in playing your guitar, learn about melodies with these following steps:

  • Know guitar melodies by reading tabulation. Tabulation itself is the process of placing data into a tabular form containing notes, making it easier for you to learn melodies.
  • Understand the scale, which is a way to find the melody in the song. Once you already understand scales, it will be easier for you to guess the melody in a song. The most common, fairly easy scale to understand is the pentatonic scale.
  • Learn how to improvise. This takes good feelings and instinct, as well as strong hearing sense. You can practice by listening to a song, then arrange notes according to the grooves in one melody.

After that, you only need to consistently play your guitar until you master it. So, are you ready to learn how to play a guitar?

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