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How to Make the Flies Fly Away from Your House

How to Make the Flies Fly Away from Your House

Having flies flying in your house is a really annoying thing. They can land in your furniture, your TV, fly near your face with the buzzing sound, and can even land in your food. This fly problem in your house can get even worse when the summer comes.

Not only that flies are annoying and could cause a nuisance, but they are also dangerous for you and your family. They can carry bacteria and viruses that can cause a lot of diseases to you and your family like eye infections, typhoid fever, tuberculosis, dysentery, cholera, etc.

Closing your doors and windows all the time to prevent the flies coming into your house is obviously not a wise option because you need a good air circulation. But relax, these are a couple of things on how to get rid of flies in your house.

The Natural Ways

If you don't like the smell of pesticide inside your home, you can always choose the natural ways to get rid of the flies. The first one you can try is using herbs and flowers.

To help repel flies, you can try to use basil, lavender, bay leaves, catnip or marigold.

Another way you can try is mixing vinegar with dish soap. To do this, you can use a tall glass, mix apple cider vinegar with a few drops of dish soap. Use plastic wrap to cover the top of the glass, use a rubber band to secure it, and poke a few holes on it.

The vinegar smell will attract the flies, they will go inside through the holes, and the dish soap will drown the flies.

Insect-eating Plant

The next natural way on how to get rid of flies in your house is to put insect-eating plants outside your house. You can try with the Venus flytrap. When a fly lands in the plant's trap, it will close and trap the fly inside, the plant will digest it for about 5 to 12 days.

If you are choosing to use this carnivorous plant for your fly problem, it's recommended to put the plants outside so they can eat by themselves. If you put the plant inside, where the flies are not abundant, you need to feed the plant yourself or it will die.

Human-made Repellents

If the amount of flies in your house is too high and the natural ways are no longer effective, you can try to use insecticide that can do the job quickly and effectively. The most common insecticide is the pyrethrin-based products. Please make sure that you get a product specifically for indoor use, follow the directions, and ventilate the area well.

The downside of using pyrethrin-based insecticides is that it's only effective for a short-term use. The effect of the insecticide will go away quickly because flies have short life cycles, therefore they will develop resistance.

Light and Sticky Traps

Traps are also effective to get rid of flies. You can use a light trap that will lure the flies into the device, and then kill them using electricity. Make sure to mount your light traps at least 1.5 meters from the floor and make sure it will be visible from the outside.

Another way on how to get rid of flies in your house is the sticky paper trap. These sticky pieces of paper can be laid down or hung around your house and when the fly lands on these sticky papers, they will be stuck. Though, sticky traps are not as effective as other traps.

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