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How to Make Posts That People and Google Will Love?

How to Make Posts That People and Google Will Love

When you write a post, you must want it to be read by as many people as possible right? That's why you need to make sure that your post will be on the first page of Google search results when people are looking for it because almost nobody will click on the 'next page'.

Making your post on the first page of Google search results is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. To make sure your post is SEO friendly is not a complicated process, it's quite simple and easy actually. This is how to make posts that people and Google will love.

Determine Your Audience

The first thing you need to do is to decide your target audience, who do you want to read your post, who will relate to the things you write. This is important because when people are searching for something, Google like to give them exactly what they want.

So, make sure you decide your target audience before writing and publishing your posts. Also, try to make your posts to be as specific as possible. This way, when people are typing down specific topics or keywords, they will see your posts on top of the search results.

Persuade Them to Read Your Posts

Next, you need to get your audience to read your posts. How to do this? First of all, focus on the title of your post. The title is the first thing people will see when they are looking at the result of their search, so make sure you make your title to be as interesting as possible to catch their attention.

Not only interesting, you need to make your title short and effective. 65 characters is the maximum amount you can use in your title, more than that will truncate your post. Also, make sure the keyword you are using in your post is located in the front of the title.

Determining your audience means you know who they are, and what they will be searching for. Therefore, you will be able to guess what kind of keywords they will use in the search engine and put those keywords in your title, and spread it in your essays or articles.

The Basics

The next thing you need to do on how to make posts that people and Google will love is don't forget the basics. Don't just put relevant keywords in your title and your post, you must also pay attention to the header tags, the image, and the URL.

Putting keywords in your posts is also a delicate thing. You need to find a way to put those keywords and fit them into your article smoothly so your article is still readable, sounds natural and contextual. If you put too many keywords in one paragraph for example, Google will punish it because they are not looking for quantity but quality.

Picking keywords is also an important thing to do. If in the process of fitting keywords into your post and you find yourself shifting focus, try to find another keyword that is more appropriate in the context of the post.

User Friendly

Last but not least on how to make posts that people and Google will love is to try to make your posts easy to read. Google wants their users to have the best experience possible, so make your posts user-friendly by try to make it short and concise. If your post is a long one, try to break them up with relevant pictures or subheadings so it'll be easier to read.

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