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Lessons You Can Learn From Lions, The King Of The Jungle

Lessons You Can Learn From Lions, The King Of The Jungle

Life lessons from lions – Most of you must have watched the movie The Lion King. Lions are called the king of jungle, and have you ever wondered why is that? Lions often keep an eye on their territory. They will bravely chase enemies away that will try to take their territory or harm their pack. Their bravery is the major reason why lions are considered the king of the jungle.

Moreover, there are many lessons that we can learn from this mighty animal. What are those lessons?

Brave, Tough, and Confident

Lions are well-known as tough and brave animals. When they are looking for prey, lions will chase them away until they get their prey. Therefore, lions get the title as the king of the jungle because of their bravery, toughness, and confidence. When lions look for preys, they rely on their sense of smell, teaching us to believe in ourselves and our own skills. This animal also teaches us to be confident.


Lions live in a group, usually consisting of 1 to 6 lions and 4 to 15 lionesses. And even though they are confident and believe in their skills, lions are social creatures. Lions will help each other to survive, especially when they are attacked. And just like humans, there are times when we need help from others and help each other.

Lions teach us to work together and have great teamwork with others. This animal also teaches us to always protect our beloved ones.

Focus on Goals

Have you ever watched how a lion preys? They will walk slowly and silently until they are close enough to their preys, then they attack. The way lions prey teaches us how to focus on our goals. Lions don’t make noises when they prey. Instead, they focus on their target. Without making much noise, lions silently watch and approach their preys until they get it.

This teaches us to stay focused on our goals by taking more actions than talks. Just as the famous saying says, let our success speak.

Not Afraid of Failure

The next lesson that we can learn from lions is not to be afraid of failure. When lions are hunting, they have a quite high percentage of failure, especially when their preys are fast or also the target of other predators. Lions reportedly fail 8 out of 10 hunting opportunities. But once they have failed, lions will always try to be faster so that they will not fail to have their preys again.

This teaches us not to be scared of failure. Because everyone surely has failed in life. Instead of being afraid, we should be brave enough to try. And if we fail, we can learn and take lessons from the failure. This way, we will not make the same mistake in the future.

Enjoy Life

As their habitat gets tighter, lions live more difficult and more challenging life. They need to work harder to find preys. But they still manage to enjoy their time with the pack. They also allocate some of their time to take a rest. This teaches us to enjoy our life. No matter how challenging and hard our life is, we still should be grateful and manage to enjoy it.

Those are the life lessons from lions that we can learn. Even though humans are more perfect than animals, in fact, there are still lessons that we can take from them, including lions. We can also teach our kids how to be brave, tough, and focus in a fun way by telling them a story about lions. Those lessons mentioned above prove that lions are indeed the king of jungle.

Faisal “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” — Albert Einstein

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