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The Development Of A Blog From Scratch To A Money Machine

The Development Of A Blog From Scratch To A Money Machine

It sounds great to see a successful blog with the most traffic and a higher income. These blogs trigger people to do the same. Unfortunately, most beginner blogs fail!

One thing they don't know is the story behind the development of the blog. So, learn from the development of a blog from scratch to a big blog below.

Imagine Your Blog in the Next Three or Five Years

You may not believe that those who successfully develop a blog know the view of their blog in the next three or five years. It is okay if you haven't created the blog yet! It gives a clear vision about the things to do with the blog. As a result, you can easily choose the niche, domain name, content, promotion media, and many more. It is like a roadmap of your blog from scratch to a blog with high traffic.

Mention Something You Love Most

Do you have a hobby or something you love most? The answer can be critical for the development of your blog. You can use it as the niche or something you are about to discuss as content in the blog.

Alternatively, analyze popular topics or things on the internet. You can focus on something viral. Use it as your niche and design the regular content for the blog.

Determining the niche of the blog helps to easily create content. Remember! You are not only creating one or two articles in the blog. You are about to post articles constantly!

It will be difficult if you don't have a niche to discuss. At the same time, niche helps visitors to define what kind of blog you have.

Think about Unique Name Yet Easy to Write and Remember

The next critical step in the development of a blog from scratch to a blog with a lot of traffic is determining the domain name. Domain name is not only using your name. You can also think about the unique name to be a domain name.

The name will be the name of your blog, such as It would be great if the domain name represents a niche to discuss. Take Smart Passive Income as an example.

This blog was developed by Pat Flynn. Just like the name of the blog, Pat Flynn discusses everything about increasing income. It also convinces people that they are visiting the right blog to get the information they need.

Designing the Blog and Post Content

In this phase, your blog is ready to use. Yet, you still have to think about the design. Nowadays, designing a blog is easy since there are so many free templates to use.

Choose an eye-catching design and match it with the topic you want to discuss in the blog. Then, post your first article and share it with others.

Learn About Search Engine Optimization

You can't expect a million visitors will come to your blog in the first post. Keep posting your article constantly. Then, learn how to develop your blog and post.

One of the critical things you should learn is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO helps to boost your content as well as your blog.

Analyze, Revise, and Start It Over

The thing you should do after posting your first article is analyze the performance of the blog. Check the details, such as how far the article reaches your target audience, who are the readers of your article, and many more. Use the data you get from the first article to create a new article.

Post your second article and apply the same thing. Start it over again so your blog has a lot of articles. The more high-quality articles your blog has, the more visitors will come.

So, developing a blog from scratch takes time, right? follow the development of a blog from scratch above. It can be your path to get a lot of organic traffic quicker.

Faisal “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” — Albert Einstein

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