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These 4 Types Of Bank Account For Small Businesses Will Help To Manage Your Capital And Profit

These 4 Types Of Bank Account For Small Businesses Will Help To Manage Your Capital And Profit

You should separate between personal and capital money. Before that, you also have to understand the types of bank accounts for small businesses.

These accounts are designed for business owners. As a result, they can monitor the cash flow, profits, expenses, and many more. Learn about them and ensure you have at least one of them. 

Business Checking Account

As a small business owner, it will be better if you have a business checking account. This is because the opening deposit is relatively lower. At the same time, you get unlimited access to funds. You can even be eligible for specific insurance coverage. 

This account also allows you to manage the business money through online banking or a mobile banking app. On the other hand, you should also understand that this account will not lead to interest. So, never expect earning from the interest if using this account. The most important thing is that you can manage your capital cash flow well to run and develop your business. 

Business Saving Account

Create a business savings account in case you want to earn a little bit from the interest. You can use the interest to support your business capital. Having a business savings account is a good option to save the business profit you have earned. 

It is because you are not allowed to withdraw the money as freely as if you are using a business checking account. The deposit to create this bank account is also higher compared to the deposit for creating a business checking account. Due to this function, a business savings account is perfect to keep your business profit safe.  

Business Certificates of Deposits Account

Business Certificates of Deposits account is also one of the types of bank accounts for small businesses. Most business owners use a CD account as an alternative to a business savings account. It is because this bank account can also give an interest from the money you save. 

Ensure that the money you will save in this account is not your business capital. Just like a business savings account, you can’t withdraw the money as you wish. You must keep it on your account for a certain time. 

You even must pay a steep penalty if you take the money before the period. The saving period varies from a few months to more than five years. The interest percentage also varies according to the term of each bank. 

It can be a good idea for keeping your business profitable so you don’t use it for something useless. Best of all, you can withdraw the money at the end of the period along with the interest. 

Merchant Account

You should consider creating a merchant account, especially if accepting debit and credit card transactions. It is not only simple for your customers but also for yourself. Thanks to the system of the merchant account that will automatically transfer the money to your other business accounts. 

This bank account helps a lot to manage your business money well. At least, tracking the business money is straightforward. At the same time, you often have to pay a variety of fees to use the features.

Indeed, the bank accounts above will help you to manage business capital and profits better. You can even earn more money from the interest in case of putting the money in a business savings account or business certificate or deposit account. 

All you have to do is learn the types of bank accounts for small businesses above. Then, choose the most suitable bank account for your business. In the end, you will get more benefits and limit the risks.

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