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These 4 Types of Stretching Exercises That Will Safe You From Injuries

These 4 Types of Stretching Exercises That Will Safe You From Injuries

Some people stop doing exercise because of suffering from injuries after doing it. Injuries during and after exercise often happen because they pass stretching. They only focus on doing the exercise right away without considering the risk. 

Check the types of stretching exercises you can do below. These exercises will limit the risk of injuries during and after workouts. As a result, you also get optimum benefits from the workout. 

Arm Circle

Arm circle is the first stretching you can do before doing your main workout. It will be good to do this exercise while in a standing position. Now, hold your arm straight to the side at shoulder level. 

As the name of the exercise, start making a small circle movement with your arms forward. Keep doing it until you create 20 circles. Then, do the same thing from backward to the front.

This simple stretching is useful to stretch muscles around the shoulder and arms. Interestingly, an arm circle can also reduce fat in your arms. Best of all, it prevents injuries while performing resistance training that targets the arms. 

Calf Raise

Calf raise is also one of the basic types of stretching exercises you can do before starting a workout. Ensure that you are standing before doing this exercise. Then, start pushing through the balls of your feet. Continue the process by slowly raising the heels of your feet. 

In this phase, you are about to stand on your toes. Be careful not to fall because it needs a good balance. Finish it up by lowering your heels to the ground. You feel the benefit when doing it for 10 times.

The function of this stretching is to increase blood flow in the legs. At the same time, it also strengthens the muscular area and Achilles tendon. Calf raise is perfect stretching for running, jogging, trekking, or hiking.  

Spinal Twist

Have you ever suffered from back pain after working out? If so, begin your workout by doing a spinal twist stretching. You need to use a mat to do this exercise comfortably. 

Now, lying down on the mat with your back. Gently cross one leg to the other. The thing you should consider is the position while doing this stretching. 

As its name, you must twist your hips and spine while crossing one of your legs. Hold the position for a few minutes before doing it for the opposite leg. Repeat this stretching for 5 to 10 times.    

Squat Stretch

Squat stretch is a perfect stretch for those who often suffer from ankle and knee injuries while working out. Prepare yourself in a standing position. Ensure that your feet are shoulder-length apart. Now, slightly bend your knees. 

Rise from the position until you are nearly straight. Repeat this stretching over again for at least five times. This exercise is about to strengthen your skeleton, especially in the spine and lower body.

You will be more flexible when doing the main exercises after doing this stretching. The most important thing is that you will not suffer from ankle and knee injuries anymore because of this stretching.

The explanation above describes not only the stretching techniques but also the benefits of doing it. Now, you finally understand the importance of stretching before doing exercises. All you have to do is apply the types of stretching exercises above. 

Compare the results before and after applying stretching before exercises. Indeed, it is different since you have stronger muscles. It seems that the muscles are ready to use for a variety of exercises.

Then, you can limit injuries and feel the benefits of your exercises. One thing is for sure, you will not think about stopping doing exercise anymore. In the end, you can achieve your exercise goals.

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