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This Is How to Be a Professional Blogger

This Is How to Be a Professional Blogger

To do blogging professionally is to create and publish content on a blog to attract and engage a large audience. There are two kinds of bloggers: professional and hobbyist. Professional bloggers usually have high-traffic blogs that focus on profit, while hobbyists use their blog for their passion and fun.

If you want to be a professional blogger, you need to understand that it is not easy. You need a lot of time and dedication to create quality contents consistently to engage your audience. For you who are planning to be a player in the blogging world, this is how to be a professional blogger.

Find your Voice

The first thing you need to do to start your journey of becoming a professional blogger is to take your time, and find your voice. You can write about the things that you are interested in, or the things that you have the expertise in.

It might be a while before you finally find your voice. You might spend a couple of months switching between different topics, and that is completely okay. Once you finally find your topic, stay with it and write quality and engaging content about it.

Remember that if you are focusing on traffic and profit, you might need to write about something different than your interest or passion. But if you are lucky, you can write about your hobbies or passion, and still be able to profit from it, as long as you find a great audience for it.

Stay Consistent

Once you've found your voice, the next thing you need to do is to be consistent. Try to always write about your voice or the things that are related to it. This is important because once you have an audience on your voice, they'll know what to expect from you.

You can be a news curator on your blog, you will provide your audience with your first opinion about anything new on the news. But if you chose this, you need to spend most of your time online, and not suitable if you're doing blog while also having a full-time job.

Do It Regularly

The next thing to do on how to be a professional blogger is just to write and publish content regularly. This might sound obvious, but you might be surprised on how hard it is to write regularly. Especially when you are a little bored or don't have the energy.

After a couple of months being a blogger, it will get harder because you already wrote almost everything you know about the topic. Not only writing regularly is hard, but coming with a new idea to write is just as hard.

Generally, you need to keep a tempo of 1 essay per week to keep your audience engaged. If you do less than that, your audience will leave one by one. If you are able to, producing 3-4 essays per week is even better to attract a larger audience.


SEO means the strategy to make your essays or articles on the top of the list when people are searching for it on the internet. Almost nobody will click the 'next page' on Google when they are looking for something. So, you need SEO to make sure your blog will be on the first page.

Using SEO is one of the most important things on how to be a professional blogger. You can use the right keywords and tags, and also create headlines that will catch people's attention. Also, always share your posts on social media.

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