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3 Ways To Combine Frugal Living And Minimalism

3 Ways To Combine Frugal Living And Minimalism

Frugal living and minimalism are two different ways of living, yet have similar goals. They allow you to maximize positive outcomes. Many people might think that they have to choose one of them. But, if we can combine them, wouldn’t the result be much better?

Now, before we step on the method to combine them as a lifestyle, you must understand what frugal living and minimalism are. That will help you to know how to use minimalism or a frugal lifestyle optimally. Of course, the end goal is to have a better life.

Understanding Frugal Living and Minimalism

Let’s start with frugal living. Frugal living is a lifestyle focusing on saving without sacrificing quality of life. In the simplest words, you save more money for daily expenses.

The easiest example is eating. Instead of going to a restaurant and eating there, you buy the ingredients and cook them. You save more money that way.

How about minimalism? Minimalism focuses on efficiency. You only do the essential things. In short, you are decluttering your life from unnecessary things.

An example of this lifestyle is how you treat your home. You only buy furniture that you need and reduce unnecessary ones, like trendy decorations. It gives you everything you need, plus more space that improves your mental health.

As you can see, frugal living and minimalism have a similar vibe. By understanding their core, you can apply them for different moments. Thus, you get a more positive outcome. Below, we will show you how to combine these two lifestyles.

Use Minimalism for Non-Essential and Frugality for Essential

Use the minimalism concept when buying non-essential things. As for essential things, frugal living is the best option. You save money and get what you need the most from this frugal living and minimalism combination.

For example, use a minimalist approach when you organize your wardrobe. Removes or sells the clothes you rarely wear. Then, when you buy new clothes, try to save money by buying them from end-of-season sales or promo sales.

When Make Major Purchase

Minimalism always emphasizes quality over quantity. It works well with a frugal lifestyle, where you can save more money. So, apply both frugal living and minimalism concepts when you make a major purchase.

For example, you should buy a high-quality refrigerator that can last for years with less maintenance. It might cost you a bit more. However, you can save more money in the long term.

Free Local Experience for Fun

People tend to splurge when they are on vacation. They think that is their reward for working hard. That is not wrong. But, you might get the same fun and better experience when you use frugal living and minimalism for having fun.

For example, rather than travel abroad and stay at five-star hotels, you can find free local experience. Visiting the museum, hiking with your friend or family, or playing games together are the best activities you can try. The focus is on how you can get the best experience from those activities.

Yes, you might have to spend some money on those activities. But, compared to those grandiose trip, the money you spend is so little, which matches both lifestyle concepts. Minimalism for the best experience and frugal living for free or low-cost expense.


These two lifestyles offer many benefits when you combine and use them in your life. Each of them complements each other for creating a better life quality. More importantly, they also help you to improve your finances.

However, we won’t force you to adopt both lifestyles. It is all your decision to add frugal living and minimalism into your life. If you think both of them match your preference, try them. You won’t regret it!

Faisal “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” — Albert Einstein

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