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4 Digital Marketing Basics Everyone Should Know

4 Digital Marketing Basics Everyone Should Know

Digital marketing is a part of modern business. It is reaching more, cheaper, and more effective than the conventional marketing method. Every business owner today must know how to do it, at least at the level of basic digital marketing.

Are you interested in this modern marketing method? You should be, especially if you have a business or want to promote your work. For that reason, we have this article to help you learn more about the basics of digital marketing.

Business Research

Business research plays a big role in deciding your digital marketing strategy. You can find all the necessary data through this research. It is including your business field or niche, target audience, competitors, product, and marketing media.

It is similar to the conventional business. You should research your field first before you launch digital marketing. Through this research, you can optimize digital marketing efficiency and produce much better results than a non-researched marketing plan.

Deciding Target Audience

The business research will help you to acquire data to find more about the best target market or audience you can aim for your product/service. Ages and demographics are not the only two things that you need to consider here. You also need to learn more about their online shopping habit, browsing, and the latest trends. They are all elements needed to reach the group with a higher conversion rate.

Creating Brand

In the online or digital marketing world, brand is everything. It is like a persona or identity you want people to see and use to identify your business. The branding for digital marketing can be conveyed through your ads and campaign.

It requires thorough planning to create a brand that is easy to attract attention. Because this method is cheaper and easy to use, you will compete with many companies. Therefore, creating a brand that sticks out among the crowd is necessary.

Choosing the Marketing Platform

Of all digital marketing basics, choosing the correct platform to promote a product is the most important element. The platform will affect the form of your ads, which is the main weapon of your digital marketing. The correct form of ads will affect your marketing efficiency. Use the right form and produce the best result.

As for the platform, there are many of them available today. Online video, text, or online ads are some of the examples. Each of them has advantages for marketing style.

For example, video marketing helps you to create an ad with complex visuals. You also can use it to share more information and message to your audience. It is said to be the most efficient online ad because of the powerful message it can hold.

The text focuses on providing tips and information to the audience before it promotes your business. You might think it doesn't work well because the audience needs to read the promotion text/article before they get the message. However, this digital marketing can stick the message in the audience’s mind the longest. They feel that the text content helps them a lot, which always reminds them of the product you promote through that text.

Online ads you can find on the website are another promotion tool you can use. It might be cheaper than the other two because you only pay when the audience clicks or visits the page at the end of that ad link. However, it helps to increase audience awareness of your product because it can appear on many platforms, from blogs, and websites, to social media.


Those are four elements of digital marketing you should know. If you can optimize them, they will bring many benefits to your business. Try them now!

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