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4 Health Problems Because Of Blogging And How To Treat Them

4 Health Problems Because Of Blogging And How To Treat Them

Blogging is a fun activity, especially when you write about something that you like. However, it can put too much burden on your body. In the end, you get health problems because of blogging.

Why The Health Problems Occur?

Most of the time, health problems occur because you spend too much time in one position without moving around. Sitting in front of a computer and seeing the monitor for hours is one of them. Many bloggers do that regularly.

They have to reply to the comments. Researching the keyword for a blog also takes a long time to finish. Of course, creating high-quality content is also no exception.

So, what kind of health problems because of blogging caused because of this habit? Below, we have several of those blogging health problems you should know. We also have some solutions that you can use to deal with that problem of many bloggers.


This health problem occurs because your eyes lack moisture. It happens a lot to bloggers who keep watching the monitor screen for hours. It is not only a blogger, though. Gamers, students, or any activities that involve using a computer for hours can cause this problem.

How to deal with health problems because of blogging? Take a break from watching the monitor. Do it at least once per hour. Try to walk around your place and see other objects or scenery from far distances. It helps your eyes to adjust to normal function after you keep using it to see in short distance (your monitor screen).

Wearing anti-radiation eyeglasses or installing an anti-radiation layer on a monitor is also another solution for this problem. However, for your eyes’ health, we recommend combining it with the first solution we mentioned above. That will help you to not only soothe and treat your eyestrain, but also keep your eyes healthy for much longer.

Back Pain

Back pain appears as the result of sitting in the same position for hours. It is one of the serious health problems because of blogging all bloggers have. It happens because your back muscles tense for a long period. In the worst case, it could also occur because of a spine disk hernia.

When the pain gets worse or unbearable, you should visit a doctor and get the treatment. However, if it is still bearable, you only need to get some rest. Try to lie down on the bed or sofa. It would be better if the place where you are lying down could support your body shape perfectly.

Coughing or Other Respiratory Problems

Blogging while smoking is a pleasure. Many bloggers unconsciously smoke more than one pack of cigarettes when they are enjoying blogging. When it happens every day, you will get serious respiratory problems.

So, try to reduce the amount of smoking you have. It would be better if you replace the cigarette with a healthier option, like a vegetable stick. Therefore, you can still enjoy blog while eating vegetables without worrying about health problems because of blogging.

Joint Pain

It happens a lot on your wrist. You use a keyboard and mouse a lot, which strains the muscles on your wrist. The pain will come when you do that for hours, which is normal for a blogger.

How to cure this blogging health problem? Try to massage the wrist gently. Apply a warm compress on it to reduce the pain. Most importantly, take a break for at least 15 minutes per hour to recover your wrist condition.

Final Words

Even though blogging is fun and even producing money, you should pay attention to your health more. Follow our solution, so you can enjoy blogging and keep healthy. And, let’s hope that you won’t get any health problems because of blogging in the future.

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