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4 Powerful Tips to Break Bad Habits

4 Powerful Tips to Break Bad Habits

Breaking bad habits is the most difficult thing to do. It seems that you have done so many things to move from those bad habits. 

Unfortunately, it ends up with the same results. You keep doing the habits! Don’t give up right now. Here, we have effective tips to break bad habits. 

Reduce the Bad Habits Gradually

Some people seem to want to stop their bad habits at once. As a result, they try to stop their bad habit at once. The worst part is that they come back to the habit. Some of them make the habit even worse. 

The most effective way to break bad habits is by reducing it gradually. Say you always drink alcohol every day. Now, you finally realize that it is not good for your health. If so, try to reduce the time you drink.

Instead of drinking every day, try to drink at least 4 days a week. Keep the 3 days free from alcohol. Increase the day to stop drinking after getting used to three days free from alcohol. 

Take a note that you can only drink 2 days in a week. Try this trick continuously until you stop drinking alcohol. The result will be more effective and last longer. 

Create a Note About Positive Things If You Stop Doing the Bad Habits

Instead of creating a note about things you shouldn’t do, it is better to write down the benefits of stopping doing it. Say you are a smoker and want to stop it. Practice the first trick above. Then, write the benefits of stopping smoking you are about to feel. 

For example, you will make your family members happy to stop smoking. On the other hand, you are healthier and can save more money instead of using it to buy cigarettes. Ensure that you can see or read the note every day and anytime. 

So, put this note on the wall, on your wallet, and many more. The more you read the note, the higher your motivation to stop smoking. Do the same trick for breaking the different bad habits.  

Create a Note of Negative Things Happen if Keeping the Bad Habits

In contrast with the trick above, writing a note of negative things happening if keeping the bad habits is also one of the powerful tips to break bad habits. Imagine that your loved one or kids leave you if you keep drawn to alcohol, gambling, or smoking. You should also wonder for the next three or five years if keep doing bad habits. 

You can lose all of your money, pay so many debts, be hospitalized, or even suffer from deadly diseases. This negative note affects your thought to stop your bad habits right away. Just like the trick above, ensure that you can read the note every day. Practice this trick for a month and see the results. 

Solve the Triggers of Keep Doing Bad Habits

Most people fail to move from bad habits to good habits because they don’t solve the things that trigger them to do them. For instance, you have an anxiety problem. You will smoke anytime you are anxious. 

The first thing you should handle is anxiety. Go to the therapists or experts to treat the anxiety first. Then, follow the advice from the therapists. 

This trick works well and lasts longer. It seems that you don’t have any intention to go back to the bad habit. it is because you don’t feel the trigger to do the bad habit anymore. 

The point is that breaking bad habits is a process. Passing through the process so you can leave your bad habits for the rest of your life. The tips to break bad habits above may support you in reaching your goal of being a better person.

Faisal “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” — Albert Einstein

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