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4 Tips to Increase Instagram Followers Number Naturally

4 Tips to Increase Instagram Followers Number Naturally

Having many followers on Instagram is one of the dreams all Instagram users have. However, getting many followers, let alone one million followers, is not easy. You need to work much harder to increase Instagram followers.

There is one faster method, though. Buying more followers for your Instagram account. This method only makes your account look has many followers. Unfortunately, they are not real people.

As we mentioned earlier, hard work is necessary to get real followers. You aim for this natural follower’s number growth. How do you do that? Below, we have several tips to get many followers without buying them.

How Often You Post

To increase Instagram followers organically, you should research your post frequency. The best way to get more exposure is to post more content on Instagram. However, it doesn’t mean that more posts mean more people will follow you.

Therefore, try to do a little research on your follower’s growth. Try to post once a day for a week, then check how many new followers you get. Then, post once every two days next week to see the growth.

In general, the best posting frequency is once a day. However, some niches might be more effective when you post them once every two days or once a week. For example, for complicated art or work niche, once a week will make it feels more valuable and exclusive. People will appreciate that frequency for that niche and follow your account.

Use Correct Hashtag

Use 30 hashtags on each post. That might be a lot, but it is effective to reach various people communities. However, before you use hashtags to increase Instagram followers, you should learn more about the most effective hashtags to get more followers.

The best place to find the hashtags is your community or other accounts in the same niche as yours. Try to find their post that attracts so much attention. Then, use the hashtags from that post and see one that affects your Instagram follower’s number.

Once you find the most effective hashtag, you can introduce a new hashtag. It will be beneficial for your account because it makes that hashtag exclusive to your account only. Use them and you can differentiate your account from others.

Interact With Audience

Interacting with the audience is another method to increase Instagram followers. It will let many people, who weren’t aware of your Instagram account, know and might be interested in your content. At the early stage, you might be able to handle the interaction yourself. Try to reply or like the comment on your post.

However, when you get more followers and more comments on your post, it might be difficult to do that. Therefore, you might need help from Bot to interact with the audience. Program your Bot carefully to get the best response from your audience.

Give What Your Audience Wants

Last but not least, create attractive content for your audience. That method is essential for you to increase Instagram followers naturally. To create interesting content, it means you should create content that your audience wants.

You can use three methods to find out what your audience likes or wants. You can see your competitor, use the latest trend, or use the tool to analyze your performance. Use the data you get from these methods and create a post that your audience likes.

Final Words

In general, it is all about your Instagram post quality. If you can post interesting content, you can increase Instagram followers without too much problem. Then, you only need to do it regularly and frequently to keep the growth.

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