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5 Differences Between Hoodie and Sweatshirt That You Must Know!

5 Differences Between Hoodie and Sweatshirt That You Must Know!

Hoodies and sweaters are currently highly favored by modern society due to their simple designs, providing comfort and suitability for all age groups. Surprisingly, many individuals are still unaware of the distinctions between a hoodie and sweatshirt. Are you among those who fall into this category?

Let's first understand the differences between hoodies and sweaters, as well as how to care for them, so that you can achieve a stylish look with the right choice of clothing.

What's a Hoodie?

The term "hoodie" comes from the English word "hood," which refers to a head covering. The distinct feature of a hoodie is indeed its head covering. The hood on a hoodie comes with strings that you can tie tightly to shield against wind. Moreover, hoodies have long sleeves and a front pouch pocket.

There are two types of hoodies based on how they're worn: zip-up hoodies with a front zipper and pullover hoodies without zippers. Unlike jackets, which are usually made from thick materials like denim or parachute fabric, hoodies are typically crafted from lighter and softer materials like baby terry, fleece, and cotton.

These characteristics and materials make hoodies suitable for both hot and rainy weather due to their thinner fabric compared to jackets.

What's a Sweater?

A sweater can be defined as a long-sleeved garment designed to keep the body warm. In the past, sweaters were often made from wool with a soft and warm texture. However, nowadays, sweater materials are more diverse, including options like baby terry and fleece.

Depending on how they're worn, sweaters can be categorized into two types: cardigans, which have buttons on the front, and pullover sweaters, which lack buttons. The most fundamental distinction between hoodies and sweaters lies in the head covering. Hoodies include hoods, whereas sweaters lack these features.

5 Differences Between Hoodie and Sweatshirt

At a glance, hoodie and sweatshirt may appear similar. Both have long sleeves and are made from soft materials. Despite their resemblance, there are several significant differences. Discover these distinctions below.

1. Design

Hoodies differentiate themselves from sweaters with an additional feature: a head covering. Hoodies usually come with drawstrings at the bottom, allowing them to be adjusted to fit a person's head size.

On the other hand, sweaters lack the extra head covering feature. Sweaters have a simple design that covers the body and arms.

2. Material

Sweaters and hoodies are crafted from different materials. Sweaters are typically made from thinner and lighter materials that still provide warmth. Hoodies are usually made from thicker materials like fleece or warmer wool.

3. Practicality

Apart from the head covering, hoodies often feature a front pouch pocket, useful for storing small items like phones or keys. Conversely, sweaters lack front pockets or head coverings like hoodies. If you're wearing a sweater and want to protect your head, you would need an additional hat.

4. Style

Hoodies are often considered more casual and relaxed compared to sweaters. Hoodies generally have a looser fit, while sweaters tend to be tighter and more suitable for formal situations. This is why you frequently see young people wearing hoodies in their day-to-day activities.

5. Durability

Hoodies usually have better longevity compared to sweaters due to the stronger characteristics of the materials used. Additionally, hoodies tend to remain durable even after multiple washes.

Regarding durability, hoodie materials are less prone to wrinkles, shrinking, or damage. Sweaters, however, are generally more delicate due to their thinner fabric and require careful maintenance.

So, there you have it, my friend, the differences between a hoodie and sweatshirt that you should be aware of. So, don't get confused again when you're looking to buy clothing that's either thinner or thicker. When you're in need of everyday wear, including a substitute for a jacket, then a hoodie is the solution.

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