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5 Most Important Things Needed to Build a Website

5 Most Important Things Needed to Build a Website

What is needed to make a website? Website is one of the important keys in business marketing. Yes, it works like an online official store where the customers can go there and see the products offered. Sure, other marketing platforms like social media and e-commerce accounts can also be connected to it. This way, your business simply looks more trusted and professional.

If you find it confusing to make your own website, you can actually use services from a professional website creator. However, learning to make a website is never a wrong move. In fact, after the website has been successfully built, you still need to manage and maintain it so that it can work as it should.

Well, before starting to create your website, here are some important things you must consider preparing first. What are they?

The Type of Website

Yes, websites are divided into some types based on their purposes and functions. Those types include private websites, business websites, online store websites, company websites, institution websites, and many more. So, choose one of them that meets your needs the most. You can choose the business or online store website if it is intended to sell products.

Website Niche

Next, you also need a niche for your website. What is a niche? It refers to the main topic to discuss on your website. For example, there are fashion, food, technology, baby and kids, women's niches, and many more. In a website for business, the niche chosen is based on the products to sell. If you sell apparel on your website, it means the niche should be fashion.

Why is a niche very important even in a business website? Well, it is better if your website doesn’t only show your products. Make sure there are pages consisting of articles related to them, such as tips to buy the best dress for women or things to avoid when buying trousers. Those articles improve the website’s engagement and it is also an effort to attract more customers.


The term domain is not a new thing in the world of websites and blogging. Yes, domain refers to the name used to identify a website on the internet. If your business name is Tasty Dessert, for example, you can use the domain name 

The best domain name is unique and memorable. It should also enable the audience to simply relate the domain name and your store. Well, there are indeed cases where the domain name cannot be the same as the brand or the store’s name. It is not a big deal as long as the name is still related to the niche.


Okay, after determining the domain name, the next step is preparing hosting. Hosting is the virtual place to save files such as pictures, videos, audio, and other data. The audience can access those files when they are visiting your website.

Hosting is provided by providers which means you must buy or “rent” it. For renting, it is available monthly or annually and the cost depends on the capacity. Of course, the bigger the capacity, the cost is also higher. Other factors that influence the hosting’s price are the bandwidth and the type. Generally, there are 3 types of hosting, they are VPS, Cloud, and Shared Hosting.

Website Platform

Lastly, you also need a website platform or a platform to use to create the new website. The platform deals with some features including the Content Management System (CMS), the manual programming code, and the website builder. Many CMS products are available and widely used for website building such as WordPress, Drupal, Shopify, Joomla, and more. 

Using one of those platforms, you can build your own website without programming and coding. Make sure to learn deep about the CMS to choose first so that making a website gets easier and more interesting.

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