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5 Superfood Snacks to Bring Extra Energy All Day Long

5 Superfood Snacks to Bring Extra Energy All Day Long

Superfood is a group of food ingredients that are full of nutrients. Those foods are proven to support the body's health as well as prevent diseases. Therefore, it is reasonable if superfood is recommended to consume daily.

Interestingly, some types of superfoods are good for snacks. Well, for you who cannot stop snacking during your spare time, some foods below should be provided at home. What are the superfood snacks?


Seaweed is in the category of green vegetables even if it grows under the sea. It consists of many nutrients including iodine, calcium, and many types of antioxidants. Nowadays, seaweed products can be easily found in the market including nori and wake. Not to forget, seaweed is also the main ingredient for jelly.

So, leave your gluten snacks and go to seaweed products. For better health, choose seaweed products that don’t have too many additional substances like sugar and preservatives. Don’t worry, the original flavor of seaweed has been delicious enough.


Banana is one of the superfood snacks that contains high amounts of vitamin A, B, C, potassium, and magnesium. Besides, it is also a kind of carbohydrate source that boosts your energy instantly. Bananas can be consumed during your breakfast time and before your workout.

It is a good thing as bananas can be processed into many types of foods. You can turn it into cakes, chips, and other nutritious snacks. When processing it into other snacks, make sure not to add too much sugar.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a type of chocolate product that doesn’t contain too much sugar and other additional substances. When the content of cocoa is more than 70%, there are more nutrients such as antioxidants and flavonoids. The health benefits can be felt better for sure.

One of the benefits given by dark Chocolate is as a mood booster and reduces stress. It also helps you improve the body’s health such as stabilizing the bloodstream and preventing heart problems. The calories are also plenty enough to add more energy for activities all day long.


Avocado is a source of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and HDL fat. It also contains an amount of carbohydrates to give you extra energy. Avocado can be consumed directly by adding low-fat milk or a little honey. You can also blend it to make a smoothie, make sure not to add too much sugar.

Some benefits to get by consuming avocado are reducing the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and the growth of bad cells that generate cancer. Avocado also relieves inflammation inside your body.


A handful of nuts such as almond, pistachio, hazelnut, walnut, cashew, and more is enough to bring more energy to face the day. The details of nutrients contained in those nuts are different from one to another. But generally, they are rich in healthy fat, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and antioxidants.

Aside from being effective as energy boosters, nuts also have many health benefits. Some of them are to protect you from cardiovascular diseases like heart problems, hypertension, and diabetes. So, are you interested in nuts for your daily superfood snacks?

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