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6 Best Solutions for Relieving Stomach Pain Because Of Gas with Gas Reliever Supplement

6 Best Solutions for Relieving Stomach Pain Because Of Gas with Gas Reliever Supplement

Excess gas could be the main culprit of stomach pain. It is not a serious problem but can be a very annoying one when you experience it in the middle of your activity. For example, when you have a deadline to catch and you have this pain, it will only disturb your working flow. Luckily, you can solve it with a gas reliever supplement.

What Is a Gas Reliever Supplement?

A gas reliever supplement is a supplement type that can help you reduce the excess gas in your digestive system. Some work immediately, while others work naturally and let you relieve the gas slowly. Best of all, many of these supplements are a natural supplement, which is safe to consume.

Type of Supplement for Relieving Gas Instantly

Here, we have several ingredients of supplements that can help you deal with gas problems.

  • Ginger

Any ginger supplement is very effective in relieving stomach pain caused by gas. Ginger promotes smooth digestion and relaxes the gastrointestinal tract’s muscles. Best of all, you can take any form of supplement made of ginger to relieve excess gas. So, take the pill, powder, or ginger root to relieve your pain.

  • Digestive Enzymes Supplement

The pain also appears because the gas is unable to go through your digestive system. In many cases, it happens because your body does not make enough digestive enzymes to move the muscle to relieve the gas. For that reason, you can take a digestive enzyme supplement as a gas reliever supplement. It aids your digestive system by providing additional material for your body to improve the digestion process.

  • Fennel Seed Oil

Fennel has a unique ability to slow down the activity of bacteria inside the digestive tract that produce gas. Therefore, taking enough fennel seed oil will also relieve your gas problem. For the best result, you can combine it with other ingredients, such as artichoke leaf, turmeric, and ginger root extract. You can take it by adding it to water or use it as topical medicine.

  • Peppermint Oil

Another gas reliever supplement you can use is peppermint oil. It can relax the muscles in the GI tract. Therefore, your digestive system can release the gas naturally. Add two drops of peppermint oil to a cup of tea or water or apply it on your stomach to relax the muscle.

  • Star Anise

Star anise is also a well-known supplement for relieving gas instantly. Taking it with other ingredients, such as activated charcoal, will give you a better result. Moreover, you can get star anise supplements easily from any supplement store.

  • Probiotics

Probiotics also help to relieve gas and improve the digestive system. It is a long-term solution, which means you can’t count it for immediate results. However, you can consume it regularly to improve your digestive system, which prevents the excess gas problem.


Those supplements are effective solutions for stomach pain because of excess gas. Make sure you take a gas reliever supplement according to the instructions to avoid side effects. That’s all about the gas reliever supplement you can use.

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