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6 Fears that Harm Your Blog and How to Deal With Them

6 Fears that Harm Your Blog and How to Deal With Them

All bloggers want to have successful blogs. However, many of them failed to do that. Why? It is all because of blogging fears problem.

So, what kind of fears could appear in a blogger’s mind? Here, we have a list of those fears. Moreover, we also provide the solution to those blogging fears.

Fear of Content Stealing

Creating high-quality content or blog posts is a necessary element of a successful blog. Therefore, many bloggers work hard to create them. However, high-quality content also invites irresponsible people to steal that content. Because of this situation, many bloggers give up trying to create good content even before they try it.


  • Keep writing and focus on creating good content rather than worrying about another thing,
  • Believe in Google algorithm. A blog with regular high-quality content will always come at the top search page results,
  • Share it on social media as soon as possible to get proof of the content ownership. It also helps you to claim for DMCA rights.

Fear of Google AdSense Rejection

Indeed, AdSense has high standards for the blog where it can put its ads. Because of this strict requirement, many bloggers have many blogging fears about not getting AdSense. That only closes many opportunities to make money from their blog.


  • Just apply! Whether you get approval or not, that’s the other matter,
  • Get rejected? Read what makes Google reject your blog. Then, use that information to fix and improve your blog,
  • Apply again! Do not give up!

Fear of Low Traffic

One of many blogging fears that bloggers have is the fear of not many people visiting their blog. Thus, they don’t have enough passion to create the best content. They write lazily, which only lowers the whole blog's quality.


  • Try promoting your blog on social media,
  • Write as a guest writer on other popular blogs,
  • Keep developing your blog by focusing on the current visitor. When they feel happy, helped, or inspired, they can promote your blog content and invite their friends.

Fear of Wasting Time

Bloggers with this fear imagine that all activities for their blog will take most of their private time. They have no time for family, friends, and jobs for part-time bloggers. Thus, they give up.


  • Prepare better time management,
  • Recruit someone to do posting or marketing, if necessary.

Fear of Not Making Money

This fear appears when a blogger tries to expand their blog by migrating to a self-hosting-type blog. It cost them money. So, they are scared that their investment won’t return.

The solution is easy. Get that self-hosting-paid-version blog. Then, you will have some push/obligation to develop that blog to be successful and produce income.

Fear of Competitor

Seeing other successful blogs in the same niche can lead many bloggers to give up. They are scared of competition. They say various reasons, from age to having no skill to compete.


  • Keep developing your blog. If you have the passion to develop your blog, your blog will have a different attractiveness than other blogs. That is the method to create an unforgettable blog.
  • Have self-confidence. The blogging fears appear because of low self-confidence. So, believe in your skill. Your blog will be successful.


In general, it is all about passion and self-confidence. If you have those two, you can keep writing for your blog and develop it more. Those two drive your creativity to the next level. They help you produce a more satisfying result and content.

Therefore, whenever you have blogging fears, try remembering your reason for starting a blog. Remember the passion you have in the beginning. It helps you to calm your mind and heart. Then, you can deal with it without any problem.

Faisal “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” — Albert Einstein

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