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6 Foods That Has the Most Dangerous Carbohydrate You Should Avoid

6 Foods That Has the Most Dangerous Carbohydrate You Should Avoid

Many people see carbohydrates as their archenemy when they try to lose weight. That is true because carbohydrates contribute to the increase in sugar intake and calories. Both of them are the culprits of weight problems and many health problems. Then, among many types of carbohydrates, there is the most dangerous carbohydrate you should avoid.

As its name implies, these high-carbohydrate foods contribute the most to various health problems caused by your eating habits. Therefore, we hope you can use our list below as a reference to control and choose the food you can eat. So, here is the list of the most dangerous carbohydrate foods that can cause many problems.


It has concentrated sugar, which can easily give you 50 calories per tablespoon. It is made of fruits, but many jam products add extra sugar to make it sweet. Avoid or take only a small amount of jams to prevent health problems.

Flavored Yogurt

Yogurt is one of the best sources of calcium, protein, and probiotics. However, some yogurt products add flavor to make it enjoyable. Unfortunately, these flavors only add the problem to the yogurt that is supposed to be a healthy food.


No one denies that pastries are one of the most delicious things you can enjoy, yet it is also the most dangerous carbohydrate. However, you might not know that one muffin or croissant has not only sugar but also fats. You might get no problem when you eat pastries once in a while. But, if you choose it as your daily staple, get ready to face serious health problems.

White Bread

Our staple food you can modify as you want. Yet, white bread is also one of the dangerous carbohydrates you should be aware of. In one slice of white bread, you get only carbohydrates and almost none of the other nutrients. Therefore, you should combine it with more vegetables, protein sources, and fruit, and not eat it as a snack.

Flour Tortillas

It is similar to white bread, which has more sugar than fiber. We use it to make burritos, fajitas, and other recipes that you must already be familiar with. You can get enough nutrients with the addition of those ingredients. However, it is still the most dangerous carbohydrate you should avoid, especially if you want to limit your sugar intake.

What is the solution? You can choose the whole wheat option. Or, if you like different textures, try the corn tortillas. Combine them with healthy ingredients; you will get filling and healthy meals.


Can’t start your day without drinking a glass of fresh fruit juice? But, did you know that the juice product that you drink every morning also has a high content of sugar? The solution is making your morning juice from fresh fruit. Without adding any extra sugar, like honey or milk, you can get healthy morning juice.

Those foods have the most dangerous carbohydrate content, which can bring dangerous effects to your body. Therefore, you should limit and avoid them for your health. So, stay healthy!

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