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6 Worst Foods That Destroy Muscles

6 Worst Foods That Destroy Muscles

Muscle training is not the only thing that affects your muscle size and growth. The foods you eat also have the same effect on your muscles. By eating specific foods, you can improve muscle growth. However, you also should avoid foods that destroy muscles.

Are you curious about what kinds of foods can destroy your muscles? You must learn more about them, especially when you try to build your muscle now. So, here, we have a list of foods that destroy muscles you should avoid or reduce its consumption.

Fatty Cold Cuts

Cold cuts are made of meat, which is the source of protein that helps your muscle to grow its size and density. However, fatty cold cuts may contain high saturated fats. And, according to a 2020 study in Clinical Nutrition, when you consume too much saturated fat, it contributes to muscle impairment.

Frozen Pizza

Frozen pizza is easy to prepare and delicious. However, one slice of frozen pizza has around nine grams of saturated fat. That amount is almost half of your daily needs of this fat. As mentioned above, more saturated fat will only damage your muscles.

Sweetened Coffee Drinks

Coffee has caffeine that gives you an energy boost, which is useful for working out for much longer. However, it becomes a source of health and muscle development problems when you choose a sweetened coffee drink. The high sugar content in this drink accelerates the energy crash moment. Therefore, you won’t have enough energy to train your muscles optimally.

Sugary Baked Goods

Any baked goods with a lot of sugar content are not good for your health and muscle growth. They could be the worst foods that destroy muscles. Too much sugar when you consume these goods regularly will only slow down the metabolism. Therefore, it slows down protein absorption and muscle recovery.

French Fries and Fried Chicken

Fried chicken will taste more delicious with French Fries as its side dish. However, these two are the biggest culprits of muscle growth problems. French Fries have high saturated fat levels, which can interfere with your muscle growth and recovery.

As for fried chicken, it has two things you should avoid to prevent any muscle growth problems. It has high saturated fats and calories. The saturated fats will slow down your muscle recovery. Its high-calorie level will contribute to more fats stored in your muscle tissue preventing muscle from growing and taking shape.


What does alcohol do to your muscle growth? Alcohol can interrupt protein synthesis and decrease testosterone levels, which is necessary to shape your muscles. It is a drink, but we think it is still necessary to put it on our list of foods that destroy muscles.


Those foods won’t give you any problem, if you consume them moderately, except alcohol. Quitting or reducing alcohol intake will give you the best effect on your muscle growth. We hope our list of foods that destroy muscles will help you adjust your diet to optimize your muscle-building effort.

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