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7 High-Paying Positions Without a Degree

7 High-Paying Positions Without a Degree

For high-paying professions, many individuals think they need a four-year degree, but for various reasons - such as financial ones or personal ones - this may not be feasible. Instead, earning a stable income and securing a profession are both possible without a degree. According to The Growth Guys CEO Karl Sandor, hard talents are less useful than agility, testing, as well as empathy.

1. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is arguably the most apparent choice out of all of them and also known as one of the high-paying professions. With the correct commitment and business tools, despite the modest start-up money, it is feasible to create a significant income, fetching eye-watering wages from $60k up to as much as $500k in certain situations. This involves substantial preparation, grit, study, and determination.

Potential earnings on par: Your earning potential as an entrepreneur is limitless.

2. Life Coach

The overall field of coaching offers unrestricted admission while also guaranteeing unrestricted financial possibilities. This makes it an option for individuals who want to change careers without having to go back to school to get a full degree.

Online access to approved coaching certificates, such as those granted by the internationally renowned ICF (International Coaching Federation), will help you expand your knowledge and set yourself apart from the competitors.

The average earning potential is $60k annually (however the earning potential is limitless if self-employment is chosen).

3. Real Estate Broker

In order to get their state license, real estate brokers in the United States must undergo pre-licensing training and complete the real estate license exam. Additionally, choosing your specialization (commercial, luxury houses, etc.) and establishing a strong network are some other approaches to break into the industry.

Earning potential on average: $197,304 per year.

4. Sales Director

Sales Director positions can be held without a business degree, but having an MBA offers more career opportunities and advancement opportunities, from entry-level sales to management or director positions.

Potential annual income: $195,669 on average.

5. Pilot a Commercial Aircraft

In contrast to airline pilots, commercial pilots are permitted to perform their jobs without a degree as long as they have the necessary permits and certificates, such as completing a commercial pilot's course, receiving flying instruction, and passing the FAA exam.

Potential annual income: $127,846 on average.

6. Supply Chain Supervisor

The need for supply chain and logistics managers has never been higher, and while the supply chain sector grows, so does the opportunity for professional advancement. As a supply chain manager, for instance, you may begin at the entry-level position and progress to management while completing a professional development course from ASCM, the industry leader in management of supply chains.

Potential annual income is $108,141 on average.

7. Software Developer

Employers provide competitive compensation, and software development gives a significant earning potential. Through bootcamps, learning computer languages, gaining certifications, and staying current with industry developments, candidates may land well-paying jobs while keeping a portfolio of side projects.

Potential annual income: $106,098 on average.

Final Thought

You may boost your wage without having a degree by constantly upskilling, training on the job, being promoted, being smart with your professional choices, and even enlisting the assistance of a career coach. There is just one thing left to ask: Are you prepared to work hard?

Faisal “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” — Albert Einstein

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