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Bad Effects Of Alcohol For The Body

Bad Effects Of Alcohol For The Body

You must already hear and read the bad effects of alcohol. Actually, if you don’t consume it too much, alcoholic drinks can reduce the risk of harmful diseases, such as stroke. However, the habit of drinking alcohol makes it hard for you to control how much you should drink. This can lead to addiction. And when you are addicted to alcohol, you can suffer from the following negative effects.

Liver Dysfunction

The liver is the body’s biggest organ whose function is to neutralize toxins in the blood. This organ also plays a role in a fat or cholesterol metabolism and protein production that is useful for the blood clotting process. In the body, the liver will digest and metabolize the alcohol you drink. If you drink too much of it, the liver functions will be disrupted.

Consuming too much alcohol can even damage the organ. As the result, your liver will be inflamed, leading to various liver illnesses, such as cirrhosis, alcoholic hepatitis, and even liver cancer.

Pancreas Damage

The next one of the bad effects of alcohol for the body is pancreas damage. Pancreas is one of the crucial organs that has a role in the digestive process. This organ has a function to break down carbs, fats, and proteins from the food that you consume, making it easier for the body to digest them. Pancreas is also a producer of insulin to control the amount of sugar in the blood.

When you drink alcohol excessively, the pancreas will work harder to help the metabolism process of the alcohol. This condition can lead to pancreas damage, putting you at risk of pancreas inflammation or pancreatitis.

Digestive System Disorder

Consuming too much alcohol in the long term can also cause problems in the digestive system. The body won’t be able to absorb nutrients well so that you can suffer from malnutrition. Besides damaging the digestive system, alcohol is also harmful for the health of the body’s digestive system as it causes gastritis or inflammation in the stomach, ulcers, and even cancer in the digestive tract.

Heart Disease

Alcohol can be good for health, as long as you consume it in a moderate amount. Alcohol can lower the cholesterol level and reduce the risk of atherosclerosis or blockages in blood vessels. But if you drink too much alcohol, it will be dangerous for your health and heart functions instead. Because too high amounts of alcohol in the blood can cause hypertension or high blood pressure, heart rhythm disturbances, and make heart muscles weak, putting you at risk of heart diseases.

Brain Damage

Another negative effect of alcohol that you must not underestimate is problems in brain functions and performance. Because excessive alcohol consumption can cause the substance to accumulate in the brain and cause damage to the organ, as well as nerve tissues. Short-term alcohol consumption can cause various effects to the brain, such as difficulty concentrating and headache.

While for long-term consumption, alcohol can permanently damage the brain, putting you at risk of memory decrease, mood disorders, and certain illnesses like dementia.

Those are the bad effects of alcohol for the body.

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