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Best Food To Increase Testosterone

Best Food To Increase Testosterone

Is there any food to increase testosterone? Testosterone is quite important for men as this hormone affects libido, muscle mass building, energy level resilience, and changes in secondary sex characteristics. According to a study from Wayne State University, men who have a high level of testosterone look more attractive.

Lack of testosterone will affect the body’s ability to produce sperms, which lowers the chance of pregnancy. To make sure that you have a sufficient amount of testosterone, you can consume these following foods.


Consuming tuna is believed to be able to help one have a long life. Moreover, this kind of fish is also rich in Vitamin D that can increase the testosterone hormone. According to research, a portion of tuna can meet your daily need of Vitamin D. You are suggested to consume only 2 portions to 3 portions of tuna a week.

This aims to minimize the mercury content found in much seafood. You can buy fresh tuna or canned tuna and cook it into a delicious dish. According to a study from Graz University Medical in Austria, tuna contains Vitamin D that can increase testosterone up to 90%.

Red Meat

Lack of zinc in the body is the main reason for the low level of testosterone. As the solution, you can consume red meat that contains a lot of zinc. Red meat like beef and lambs are proven to be able to increase testosterone. Based on a study from Harvard Medical School, zinc supplements can also increase the level of testosterone between 8% to 14%.

But you shouldn’t consume too much red meat as it can increase the risk of certain health problems, one of them is cancer. To get the benefits of red meat, make sure you choose the ones without fat and don’t consume it every day.

Egg Yolk

Have you heard that eggs contain many cholesterols? Based on research, in a medium-sized egg, the yolk contains 186 mg cholesterols. This equals 62% of the recommended daily intake. Another fact says that egg yolks contain more nutrients than egg whites. Vitamin D contained in egg yolks can be a solution for a low level of testosterone in the body.

So, if you want to boost your testosterone level, consuming egg yolks is a great idea. However, pay attention to how much you eat. You are suggested to eat 2 to 6 egg yolks a week.


When it comes to men’s fertility, nuts are the greatest choice. Consuming nuts can help to increase testosterone, as well as good for the reproductive system and quality of sperm. Moreover, nuts are rich in fibres and vegetable proteins, making it super healthy for the heart. You can consume almonds, cashews, and other kinds of nuts that contain unsaturated fats.

You can eat nuts as your healthy snack or add them to your menu. Or you can also drink almond milk, pine nuts milk, and so on.

That is the food to increase testosterone. Make sure you consume them according to the recommended limits to prevent any side effects or particular health issues. You can also consult your doctor first.

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