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How to Gain Money from TikTok? 5 Most Recommended Ways with Big Profits

How to Gain Money from TikTok 5 Most Recommended Ways with Big Profits

How to gain money from TikTok? Talking about the most popular social media platforms nowadays, you must agree that TikTok is one of them. Yes, in case you do not know exactly what TikTok is, it is a kind of social media that enables users to create short videos. Even the duration can be only 15 seconds.

TikTok also has its typical features. One of them is the page For You where the users can simply find videos based on their interests. Well, some years ago, this platform was underestimated by many internet users. But later, the popularity was even higher than some famous platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Aside from having fun with singing and dancing while recording, many people also use TikTok to earn money. Yes, this platform brings you some chances to get dollars through some features it has. Are you interested in it? Below, here are some ways to gain money through TikTok.

Being an Influencer

Undeniably, social media have generated many new celebrities. Those celebrities are even more approachable as you can leave comments or send messages to them. So, why don’t you be one of them? By being an influencer, not only the popularity you can get but also a chance to be richer.

Influencers may earn money from endorsements and paid promotions from brands and agencies. Sure, the commissions you get can be very high depending on the audience’s responses. But to start it all, it indeed takes much effort. You need to create attractive and unique content so that you can gain many followers.

Managing TikTok Ads

One of the features available in TikTok is TikTok Ads. TikTok Ads is a digital marketing platform specially designed for TikTok. As comparisons, you can also find similar features on other social media such as Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. Those features have the Ads feature that works with the hyper-targeting method.

Although managing the hyper-targeting method on TikTok Ads is considered easy, unfortunately, many businessmen don't understand it. As a solution, they may hire people who can manage their Ads on TikTok. So, you can utilize this chance by learning about TikTok Ads and working for them.

TikTok Affiliate

One of the most popular features to gain money on TikTok is TikTok Affiliate. This feature is considered new and it is indeed specially designed for users who are interested in earning money through this platform. 

So, how to be a TikTok Affiliate? Well, it is quite easy. You only need to recommend products or services from TikTok Shop to other TikTok users. Then, you can gain commissions from every purchase the user makes from the link you share. The percentage of each commission is quite big, it is around 10% of every product sold. The money is automatically transferred after the transaction is done.

TikTok Coin Donation

TikTok has a Donation feature which is not available on other platforms. However, this feature can only be enjoyed when the number of your followers has been plenty. Well, using this feature is quite easy, you only need to do Live on TikTok. If your audience is attracted by the content of your Live, they will send you some coins.

You can exchange the coins gained for diamonds. The diamonds are sent to your PayPal in the form of money. Finally, just enjoy it. But sure, before joining this feature, enrich your content first to get more followers.

Selling Your Products

Another great feature of TikTok is TikTok Shop where you can sell your own products. This feature is actually not different from other e-commerce platforms. However, because the popularity of TikTok is getting higher from time to time, many people have moved from conventional e-commerce to TikTok Shop.

Of course, you can also utilize the affiliate program. It is by allowing other users to promote your products. Those users gain the commissions they deserve and your products are also sold better.

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