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How To Turn Blog Visitors Into Loyal Subscribers

How To Turn Blog Visitors Into Loyal Subscribers

The majority of small company owners find it frustrating when customers leave. However, there are tactics you can do to lower the rate of website desertion and turn your blog visitors into loyal subscribers, and we'll speak about them here on this article.

Optimize The Look of Your Website

Within the first five milliseconds, you must wow website visitors. Here are some ideas for improving your website's first impression:

  1. Limit the quantity of advertisements as much as you can since nobody like spammy advertisements (do you?).
  2. Choosing the appropriate colors for the website or altering the color of your buttons and links might have an effect on users' perceptions.
  3. Steer clear of too busy layouts and difficult-to-read typefaces. A professional website designer or an investment in a nice theme would be beneficial.
  4. Invest in quality text for the website since even one word may have a powerful impact on the thoughts of your visitors.

Make Use of Exit-Intent Pop-Ups

Pop-ups with an exit purpose are ones that appear as you are ready to click the exit button. Since the visitor is ready to leave your website anyhow, why not give them one final chance to acquire subscribers? Exit-intent pop-ups provide a 10% to 15% recovery rate for your visitors who are about to leave. Therefore, exit-intent pop-ups are unquestionably worthwhile.

Observe Online Accessibility Standards

In the United States, one in five persons has a disability. If you don't follow online accessibility requirements, individuals with disabilities including hearing loss, vision loss, and cognitive impairments may not be able to fully use your website. 88% of consumers are less inclined to visit a website again after a negative encounter! Web accessibility is therefore too crucial to be ignored.

Furthermore, angry customers can even sue your business for failing to make your website accessible. This may reflect poorly on your business and result in negative PR. Implementing an automatic online accessibility solution may thus be the best course of action for you to adopt right now. By taking only one simple action, you may capture the attention of 20% of your site's visitors and greatly increase the number of devoted subscribers.

Customizing The Content

The secret to engrossing your visitors, making an impression on them, and earning their confidence is personalization. Who does not want to feel unique, after all?

  1. Make your exit decorations and lead magnets unique by addressing the visitor's particular concerns.
  2. Display individualized product suggestions based on past purchases.
  3. Provide your clients with unique, tailored offers.
  4. Segment your mailing list depending on past purchases, demographics, as well as the stage of the customer journey, and then send personalized emails to every single one of these email addresses to personalize all of the emails you send.

Add a Prominent CTA

Did you understand that 70% of the homepages of small company websites are devoid of a call to action? Users won't know where to go if there isn't a CTA, which will cause them to leave your website. Add a compelling CTA to the home page at least twice or three times. Make sure all of your CTA is prominently displayed, ideally above the fold.

Give the user a cause to click the CTA button by saying the following:

  1. Address certain nagging issues
  2. Present your value statement
  3. Create suspense or urgency

A big CTA button or a compelling cause to click upon it will persuade visitors to the website to take action for your favor and eventually subscribe.

The Bottom Line

Although it takes time and several trial-and-error tactics to find a strategy which is successful for you, the aforementioned advice might serve as an excellent place to start.

Faisal “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” — Albert Einstein

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