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Join These 4 Most Popular Apps for Making Money Online Only From Your Smartphone

Join These 4 Most Popular Apps for Making Money Online Only From Your Smartphone

Nowadays, you can’t only use your smartphone to connect to social media platforms. Imagine that you can also make money from it. One of the tricks is by joining a specific application that helps to make money. Here, we want to share with you the most popular apps for making money only from your smartphone.

Complete Simple Tasks at Swagbucks

Do you love playing online games or filling out online surveys? It sounds great if you do it and earn money, right? Today, it’s real! Just download an application known as Swagbucks on your smartphone. 

You don’t need to spend money at all to join this application. Swagbucks is about to give you a variety of simple tasks to complete once you join it. This app even gives $10 as a signup bonus. You are about to receive points after accomplishing the tasks. 

Collect more points and redeem them for cash. Swagbucks will transfer the money via PayPal. So, ensure that you have a PayPal account before joining this application. Imagine that by only searching for something via the Swagbucks search engine you will earn points. 

It is so simple to do, isn’t it? Alternatively, you can also redeem the points for Amazon Gift cards. Yet, some users think that the payout for watching videos is too low. 

Completing Online Surveys at Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is one of the most popular apps for making money online only from smartphones. Just like its name, all you have to do is complete online surveys. The app is about to give you a survey based on your interests and classifications. 

Ensure that you pass the classifications to get the survey. Just like Swagbucks, Branded Surveys is also using a point as a reward. It means that you will earn some points anytime you accomplish surveys. Collect the points and add the money in your bank account.  

The app is more interesting with a bonus program known as Branded Elite. This program offers higher points than regular surveys. You can redeem the point when it reaches 500 points or $5. You have to be patient while waiting for the payment since it may take up to three weeks.   

Complete Survey, Earn Points and Make Money at Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is also an option if you want to make money only from your gadget flexibly. You don't even need to have a specific office to do it. Find the most comfortable place, such as your favorite cafĂ©, restaurant, park, or even your room. Then, complete the surveys. 

People love to join Survey Junkie because it is developed by DISQ. DISQ is a trusted data analytics platform. This company provides market research data for a variety of brands. You can use two different methods, which are SJ Opinion and SJ Pulse. 

Survey lovers can take SJ Opinion. SJ Pulse is a good option for those who love shopping. The money you earn from this app may not be as much as other reputable online survey apps, but it is still worth trying. 

Being an Online Freelancer at UpWork

You may want to receive cash instead of collecting points. If so, download UpWork on your smartphone. Then, register as a freelancer. This app is about to connect companies to freelancers.

Your job is finishing the task from your clients. Best of all, UpWork offers a variety of jobs. It means that you can choose jobs based on your skills. 

You have to pay the app for the maintenance and security. As a result, the scam and chasing payment cases are so limited. Customer service will help you in case it happens to you. 

Due to its popularity, the competition between freelancers is so tight. Yet, you still have an opportunity to get a job and make money. 

So, don’t be afraid if you only have a smartphone in your hand. Just download one of the most popular apps for making money above. Then, start working to earn extra money. It is an option if you want to work in a flexible time and place.

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