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Signs Of Toxic Workplace You Can Notice During Interviews

Signs Of Toxic Workplace You Can Notice During Interviews

Signs of toxic work culture can be seen even before you are hired, such as during a work interview. And you surely do not want to work in a toxic company, do you? If you notice some of these following signs during an interview, consider again if you really want to work there or not.

Inappropriate Questions or Comments

During a work interview, there will be questions, answers, and responses between you and the recruiter. When you receive questions or comments that are racist, sexist, or even offensive, this is a clear red flag that the company is a toxic workplace. The inappropriate comments or responses that the recruiters say show that not only they have bad training, but they also tend to normalize bad behavior.

Lack of Clarity or Consistency on Your Questions

When you ask something to the recruiter, and you don’t feel like you get direct and specific answers from them, this can be a sign that the company is toxic. When the recruiters don’t give you consistent or clear answers on your question during the interview, it shows that they might be hiding something from you.

When you have to ask further questions to get the answers you need, you might want to think again if you want to work in the company or not.

Recruiters Refuse to Admit the Company’s Weakness

Another sign of toxic work culture that you can notice during an interview is when recruiters refuse to admit the company’s weaknesses. No workplace is perfect, and that is fine and normal. But in a toxic workplace, managers don’t want to admit any of the company’s shortcomings or weaknesses. If recruiters or interviewers don’t want to be honest about the team or organization’s weakness, this is a red flag.

Healthy workplaces have good psychological safety so that all employees there know that it is totally fine to be honest. If leaders give a perfect impression to everything, this means that others are asked to do the same. This means that people hide their mistakes, pretend to understand something when they don’t, and put the blame on others when they are the one to blame. This toxic behaviour will drain people’s energy and life.

Recruiters Don’t Give the Employment Contract When Asked

Work interviews are the awaited time to get clarity on your expectations of the job. If recruiters refuse to ask your questions about the employment contract, you should be alert. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the employment contract during the interview and see if they are willing to answer it. Good companies will likely show you the contract in the interview.

Ask the recruiters if you can have a copy of the contract so that you can review it before signing it. If they refuse, there might be something that they hide.

It is really important for you to observe the work culture of the company that invites you to a work interview. This way, you can predict the condition of the workplace because you surely want to work in a healthy workplace. Think again if the company shows signs of toxic work culture mentioned above.

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