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The Right Time To Apply For AdSense To Get Better Chance For Approval

The Right Time To Apply For AdSense To Get Better Chance For Approval

A blog is a fun place to share information, your interests, and many things. If you do it right, you can even make money from your blog. One of the methods to do that is applying for AdSense. Then, when is the right time to apply for AdSense?

This question could be tricky to answer. The simplest answer would be as long as your blog fulfills the requirement to receive the AdSense program, you can apply for it. For beginner bloggers, that would be a bit complicated.

For that reason, we have this article for you who want to find the right time to apply for AdSense. Here, we have tips and opinions from several experienced bloggers about the best time to submit your blog to the AdSense program. Let’s start!

Blog Ages

Depending on the countries where you live, the blog ages that Google might accept could be different. For a blog in some countries, you need a blog that runs for at least six months. To be safe, run your blog for at least two months before applying for AdSense. You can choose that as the right time to apply for AdSense.

You need this period to ensure that your blog gets indexed by the Google search engine. Also, if you share your blog content on social media, 2 months should be enough to get the index on the Google search engine too. This status will help your blog get approval from Google AdSense.

Interestingly, many bloggers said that they don’t know the exact period or blog ages which increases the chance of AdSense approval. We might say you need to wait for two months. However, some bloggers said their blog gets AdSense approval when their blog is only one month old.

We can say the right time to apply for AdSense based on your blog age is all about luck. However, it is a good thing to let your blog run for a couple of months or more. That way, you will have enough traffic to make money.

You can learn more about the most popular posts and best content your reader likes during that period. That way, you can improve your blog quality. Then, once you get approval from Google AdSense, you can make more income than when you get approved at the beginning of the blog stage.

Number of Blog Posts

Next, you also should consider the number of blog posts you have uploaded to your blog. The minimal requirement is ten blog posts. Moreover, those blog posts shouldn’t be copy-paste content from other blogs. In short, you should create original content for your blog and avoid any content that infringes Google’s copyright and rules.

The blog post length is another thing you should consider when you choose the right time to apply for AdSense. For a better chance of AdSense approval, your blog post should be a minimum of 300 words long. A 500-word post would be the ideal length, though.


Rather than finding the best time to apply, you should focus on fulfilling all requirements for a blog to join the Google AdSense program. It includes the post quality, your age as the blog owner (at least 18 years old), and other things. Those are the essential things that improve the chance of approval from Google AdSense.

Then, you also should not be satisfied by getting approval from Google AdSense. The AdSense approval is only the starting point to developing your blog into a gold mine. You should develop and post better blog posts to keep the rank and visitor satisfaction level high. That concludes our guide for choosing the right time to apply for AdSense.

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