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Try to Avoid These Foods That Are Bad for Your Brain

Try to Avoid These Foods That Are Bad for Your Brain

Brain is probably the most crucial part of our body. Brain is so complex, that even now we don’t know for sure how exactly it works. But the thing we know for sure is, just like any other organs, the brain needs to be fueled by nutritious foods. Here are the foods that are bad for your brain so you could avoid them or at least don’t eat them too much.

Fried Foods

Junk food is indeed delicious and you can eat them without even realizing how much you have eaten. But, fried foods which usually also contain fats, will disrupt how your brain works. People who eat a lot of processed, fried food, tend to perform worse on tests on thinking skills.

How is eating processed and fried foods affecting your brain? Eating junk foods with a lot of fats would cause inflammation and because of this, the blood vessels that regularly supply the brain with blood could be damaged, and thus, affecting how your brain works.


Who doesn’t like doughnuts? The round treats with the famous hole in the middle, with sweet cream and various toppings on top. But doughnuts are fried and loaded with so much sugar, those two things are a bad combination for your brain.

The excess sugar and the deep frying process will make your brain take a double punch. High levels of sugar in the blood have been linked with dementia. Plus, doughnuts also contain something that your brain doesn’t even need, trans-fat.

Red Meat

When we are talking about foods that are bad for your brain, one of the most obvious ones is red meat. Red meat contains high saturated fats, which is not only bad for your brain but also for your heart. If you want to keep your brain in the best shape possible for a long time, limiting red meat consumption is the key.

But our body needs protein, where do we get them? There are other alternative sources when it comes to protein. You can consume lean poultry, beans, and fish to make sure your body still gets the protein it needs to function properly.

Alcohol and Sugary Drinks

Your brain could be damaged not only from foods, but also drinks. The most widely known drink that will visually mess with your brain is of course alcohol. When you drink alcohol, it directly disrupts the communication pathways in your brain. That’s why when you drink more and more alcohol, it’s getting harder and harder to remember things or process new information.

You can find sugary drinks anywhere. But if you want to keep your brain as healthy as possible, try to stay clear of these products because they have fructose that can cause memory troubles, and even make certain parts of your brain smaller.

There you go, a list of foods that are bad for your brain to avoid if you want a healthy and sharp brain.

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