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What Are The Bad Effects Of Blueberry?

What Are The Bad Effects Of Blueberry

It is a simple concept to understand that there are bad effects of blueberries. It comes from the fact that even healthy and good foods for the body can be harmful when there are too many of them. Just think of the effects of consuming too much fiber for the body. Naturally, it is good for the body, but too much of it will not be too good anymore.

Good Things About Blueberry

Of course, the so-called blueberry comes with some positive effects as well. Some of the known advantages of blueberry include maintaining bone health, keeping healthy blood pressure, and even preventing cancer. Nevertheless, it is necessary to know the best way and the appropriate amount to consume when hoping for those positive effects. The so-called anthocyanin in it is the reason for those advantages. It is easy to find journals that explain the positive effects of blueberries on health.

Eating Too Much Blueberry Is Not Good

At this point, the important realization is that there will be bad effects of blueberry when consuming too much of it every day. So, what are the effects? Mainly, the effects will be there in the digestive system. They may not be too dangerous, but they are uncomfortable for sure. At this point, it is necessary to understand that blueberries are rich in fiber.

Therefore, among the side effects when eating too much of it will be in the scope of gastrointestinal issues. Gas and bloating are among the problems that will occur immediately after consuming too many blueberries. It refers to the fact that it contains a high level of fiber. So, it is best to maintain its consumption according to the maximum fiber intake in a day for a person.

Furthermore, a slightly more dangerous thing among the bad effects of blueberry is the risk of blood clots. Blueberries are rich in vitamin K as well, apart from fiber. It can be dangerous for anyone who takes blood thinner regularly to eat a lot of blueberries. The effect of vitamin K in blueberries and the blood thinner from the prescription can be too much for the blood and its flow.

The next thing to note as a negative effect of having too many blueberries is tooth stain. The deep-blue hue of blueberry in any form can affect the natural enamel of the teeth. Of course, it will eventually reduce the brightness of the teeth, just like drinking too much coffee regularly. It is crucial to consider the amount of blueberry consumption every day beforehand.

Apart from those things, there is a risk of allergies with some negative effects upon eating blueberries. Yet, it is quite rare that this thing happens to people concerning blueberry consumption. Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that blueberries can lower blood sugar levels. It is possible that eating too much of it will lead to a very low blood sugar level situation, which will not be good.

So, it is crucial to think about the amount before eating blueberries. It is best not to experience those things as the bad effects of blueberry.

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