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Yoga Poses for Much Better Sleep Quality

Yoga Poses for Much Better Sleep Quality

There are some yoga poses for better sleep that you can do if you have a poor sleep quality. As you know, having good quality and quantity of sleep can help to maintain the body's health. Besides helping to have better sleep, doing yoga before bed also helps to relieve stress and overcome insomnia. It is because yoga helps the body to be more relaxed with its meditation movements.

By meditating, you can be calmer, and your emotions will be more stable. According to Healthline, including yoga into your night routine can improve the quality and duration of sleep. Below are yoga poses that you can do to have a good night sleep.

Viparita Karani

Viparita Karani is a yoga pose where you lay down on your back, then raise both your legs on the wall until your knees are bent. Spread both your arms on the sides. Hold this position for 15 minutes before you go to bed. This yoga pose is helpful for making your blood flow smooth, as well as removing tension in your body. So, you will be able to sleep tighter.


Balasana or wide-knee child’s pose is included in resting poses in yoga. This pose prioritizes stability and calmness. Go down on your knees, then slowly lower your head. Position your body downwards towards your thighs. Put both your hands on the sides of your body with your palms facing up. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed.

Then, slowly put your forehead on the floor. Get relaxed by slowly inhaling and exhaling. Repeat several times until you feel calmer. This pose will stretch your muscles, making them more relaxed so that you can have better sleep.


The next one of yoga poses for better sleep is sukhasana, which is so easy to do. You just need to sit down on the floor with your legs crossed, you can use a yoga mattress for this pose. Make sure your back is straight to keep you focused and for better body posture. Put your hands on your knees and slowly breathe in and breathe out.

Hold this position for several minutes until your body gets more relaxed. This way, you can have a better quality of sleep.

Supta Baddha Konasana

This pose can help you to relieve tension in your hip and groins. However, you have to be careful if you once had an injury in your knees, hip, or groins. To do this yoga pose, first, lay down on a mattress. Then, bend your knees inwards until the soles of your feet meet. Put your hands on your body sides with palms facing up. And slowly inhale and exhale.


Stand straight with both feet shoulder-width apart. Take a deep breath then slowly exhale while your body is pointing down towards your knees. When your body reaches your knees, hug your knees or leave your hands in a resting position, reaching the floor. But don’t force yourself if your hands can’t touch the floor.

This yoga pose is beneficial for relaxing your neck and shoulders. However, be careful if you once injured your back.

Bent-Knee Twist

Lay down on your back with your legs stretched out, hands are beside your body. Then, lift your left knee towards your chest while breathing in. After that, slowly breathe out while pulling your left knee towards your right body. Take a long, deep breath and repeat this movement for the other knee.

Those are yoga poses for better sleep that you can try if you find it hard to fall asleep. If doing yoga doesn’t help, it is better to see the doctor to figure out the cause and find the right solution.

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