5 Easy Ways How to Build a Strong Relationship with Customers through Social Media

5 Easy Ways How to Build a Strong Relationship with Customers through Social Media

How to build a strong relationship with customers? The term customer is a king is not nonsense. Everybody must want to be treated well by others. And in the seller-customer relationship, you have no choice if it is the seller that must approach his or her customers better. This is how they can just be loyal to you no matter if your competitors try to steal them from you.

Of course, it doesn't mean you must act exaggerating in giving them treatment. Just be natural to make the customers feel comfortable. But at the same time, keeping in touch with customers is also very important to make sure they are not going anywhere. Interestingly, the presence of social media nowadays is actually very helpful for every businessman to get a good relationship with customers. It is just you, the businessman, who can take this chance or not.

Well, there are so many ways to build a strong relationship with customers through social media. What are they? Just read the following explanation.

Use Fun Language to Attract Your Customers

Having social media for business promotion means you must post things there, whether they are photos or videos. Make sure that the language used for promotion is fun and understandable. The language here refers to words or sentences you make in the picture, video, or caption.

Check twice or even three times before posting to know if there are unnecessary words in your posts. Well, you must pay attention to all details so that there should not be impolite, untrue, or offending words. It depends on tour business targets if the language is formal or informal. More importantly, it must be fun and attractive to read.

Use Attractive Pictures or Videos

Nowadays, language is not the only means of communication. In the world of promotion and campaigns, you can use other types of media like pictures, videos, or even audio to communicate with your customers. So, the next way to build a strong relationship with customers through social media is by using attractive pictures or videos that represent your products.

It is okay to pay a photographer or videographer if your product really needs it. You can discuss the concept first to find the best photo and video to post. For example, if you are promoting a beauty product, you can use a model to assure the customers that the product works. For an acne healer product, there can be before and after photos to emphasize the product's merits.

Respond to the Customers' Comments

In social media, you must be very interactive with customers. This is how you can even be closer to them. It is not a very difficult thing to do. One of the attempts is by responding to the customers' comments kindly. Well, it is no matter what kind of comment whether they are questions, praises, suggestions, or critics.

If you don't have enough time to reply to their comments one by one, mainly if the business has just begun, you can select the most important comments only. Yes, comments in the form of questions are needed to answer immediately. Besides, comments in the form of critics are also needed to respond as soon as possible to avoid them affecting your brand image.

When responding to comments in the form of critics, don't forget to start your words with apologies. If there is a misunderstanding that leads to complaints, explain the true condition as clearly as possible. Meanwhile, if the compliant is really because of your fault, don't be doubtful to offer any compensation.

Well, if you have more time, it is also great to respond to other "less-important" comments like praises and suggestions. It is although you only give likes or loves to them. No matter how small the response you bring to your audience, it will be very meaningful for them.

Respond to the Customers' Direct Messages

Frequently, always check the DM entering your social media. Yes, some people feel more comfortable contacting you under the radar instead of being open to the public. Besides, some studies are showing that direct messages sent to business or public figure accounts mostly contain more important content than comments on social media posts.

In other words, you must follow the same rule as how to respond to the comments mentioned in the previous point. Yes, make sure to be polite and not use sensitive words related to races, religions, and such things.

The answer to every question must also be kind, informative, and understandable. Then, every complaint must be started with an apology first before explaining or giving compensation. Those things are simply insignificant but they are proven to "touch" the customers more. It also becomes one of the factors the customers want to be back to your product and store.

Repost Positive Reviews and Testimonials

Along with the growth of your company, there must be some people who review and give testimonials to your products. Of course, it is a chance for you to campaign your business more. Moreover, if those reviews and testimonials are mostly positive.

So, the next way how to improve the relationship with customers is by reposting the reviews and testimonials of your customers. Yes, you indeed need to investigate and read those reviews carefully whether they are worth reposting or not.

Before reposting, make sure to message the owners to inform them that you want to repost their reviews and testimonials. Well, messaging those satisfied customers is also another attempt to build a stronger relationship with them, aren't they? When reposting, don't forget to mention and tag the reviewers. You should also thank them in the caption for using your products.

More importantly, although you indeed need to be selective in posting reviews and testimonials, you must be fair to them. As long as those reviewers review your products well without mentioning sensitive words or vilifying your competitors, you can repost them all. Sure, the more positive reviews, the more trust to get from new customers.


Building a strong relationship with customers through social media is very important in this internet era. Sure, you should make some attempts at it. Those attempts are easy but make sure to do them properly.

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