23 Ways on How to Make Phone Battery Last Longer and Stay Durable

23 Ways on How to Make Phone Battery Last Longer and Stay Durable

In everyday life, we can't be without our mobile phones. We use them for work, online shopping, talking to family or friends, ordering rides, and paying bills. So, when our phone battery dies, we feel anxious and disconnected. Chill, we have some tips to keep your phone battery last longer and stay durable.

23 Ways to Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

Here are some tips to help your phone battery last longer. By following these suggestions, you can extend the time between charges and keep your phone working efficiently.

1. Don't Charge to 100%

Modern smartphones use lithium-ion batteries, which last longer when charged partially rather than fully. Charging the battery from around 30% to 80% keeps the voltage low, which helps extend its lifespan. Avoid charging to 100% regularly, as it can cause the battery to wear out faster.

2. Avoid Using Your Phone While Charging

Using your phone while it's charging, especially for power-intensive tasks like gaming, can create what's known as a "parasitic load." This phenomenon disrupts the charging cycle and generates excessive heat, which can damage the battery. To prevent this, try to minimize phone usage during charging.

3. Don't Install Battery-Saving Apps

While battery-saving apps might seem helpful, they often increase memory usage, which can actually lead to higher battery consumption. Instead, directly manage your phone's settings, such as disabling background processes and reducing screen brightness, to make your phone battery last longer.

4. Turn Off Vibration and Keyboard Sounds

The vibration feature uses a small motor that consumes a significant amount of power. Use vibration mode only when necessary and keep your phone on silent otherwise. Additionally, turn off keyboard sounds to save battery life.

5. Clear Cache Regularly

Clearing the cache of apps like Google Play can make a phone battery last longer. To do this, go to Settings, select Applications, choose All, find Google Play Services, and tap Clear Cache. This simple action can reduce background activity and battery usage.

6. Turn Off Location Services

Location services can drain your battery quickly. On iPhones, go to Settings, select Privacy, then Location Services. Set apps to use location services only while in use rather than always. This adjustment can significantly reduce battery drain.

7. Turn Off Push Data

Push data services automatically download emails and other data, which can drain the battery. On iPhones, go to Settings, select Mail, choose Accounts, then Fetch New Data, and turn off Push. Manually checking your email can save a considerable amount of battery power.

8. Use Original Chargers

Always use the original charger provided by the phone manufacturer. Third-party chargers may not match your phone's specifications and can cause the battery to degrade faster. Using the correct charger ensures the battery receives the right amount of power.

9. Activate Power Saving Mode

Most smartphones in the market come with a power-saving mode that can limit background activities, reduce screen brightness, and disables certain functions to conserve battery. This mode is especially useful when your battery is low and you don't have immediate access to a charger.

10. Disable Pre-installed Apps

Many smartphones come with pre-installed apps that you might not use but still consume battery. Even if you can't uninstall these apps, you can turn them off. Go to Settings, select Apps, and choose Disable for any unwanted apps to reduce battery usage.

11. Be Selective with App Installations

Avoid installing unnecessary apps that run in the background and consume battery power. Stick to essential applications to keep your phone battery last longer and running efficiently.

12. Limit App Usage

Some apps drain your battery faster than others, especially those running background processes. Monitor and limit the use of such apps to prolong battery life.

13. Turn Off Auto Brightness

Auto-brightness adjusts your screen based on ambient light, which can use more battery. Manually set your screen brightness to a comfortable level and adjust it as needed to save power.

14. Disable Motions and Gestures

Features like motion sensing and gestures use sensors that consume power. Turn these features off if they are not essential to reduce battery drain.

15. Avoid Live Wallpapers

Live wallpapers are visually appealing but consume more battery than static images. Opt for a simple, static background to save battery.

16. Use Dark Backgrounds

Dark backgrounds, especially on OLED screens, use less power than bright images. Choosing dark wallpapers is the best way to keep your phone battery last longer.

17. Enable Dark Mode

Many apps and operating systems now offer dark mode, which can reduce battery consumption on OLED screens. Enabling dark mode can help save power, especially if you use your phone frequently.

18. Use Lite Versions of Apps

Some popular apps have "lite" versions that are designed to use less data and battery. Switching to these versions, if available, can help extend your battery life.

19. Turn Off Internet and Use Airplane Mode

When not using your phone, especially in areas with poor reception, turn off the internet or switch to airplane mode to save battery. Poor reception causes the phone to constantly search for a signal, which drains the battery quickly.

20. Optimize Wi-Fi Settings

Disable Wi-Fi when not in use and avoid connecting to weak or distant networks. Constantly searching for a Wi-Fi signal can drain your battery, so only enable Wi-Fi when necessary.

21. Adjust Sleep Time

Reduce the time it takes for your phone to enter sleep mode. A shorter sleep time means the screen turns off more quickly when not in use to make a phone battery last longer.

22. Avoid Wakelocks

Wakelocks prevent your phone from going into sleep mode, keeping the screen on unnecessarily. Manage and limit apps that use wakelocks excessively to save battery.

23. Turn Off Auto Download and Update

Disable automatic updates and downloads for apps and data. Manually updating apps when necessary allows you to control battery usage and avoid unnecessary battery drain.

By doing these strategies, you can greatly make your phone battery last longer and enhance its overall performance. This will ensure you remain connected and minimize the hassle of your phone dying unexpectedly.

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