6 Ways to Get Rid of the Lamb Smell; Easy, Fast, and No Hassle

6 Ways to Get Rid of the Lamb Smell; Easy, Fast, and No Hassle

How to get rid of the lamb smell? Lamb is one of the easiest protein to find around. The meat is considered "healthier" than others such as beef, goat, or pork as it has a less cholesterol level. Besides, it contains minerals important for your body such as calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, and more.

Lamb also has a high level of protein and some types of vitamins like vitamins B2, B3, B5, and B6. The antioxidant level is also plenty and it will not be removed as long as you process it well. Sure, not only it contains multiple essential nutrients for your body but also the meat is tender and you can process it into many types of food.

However, lamb is also known for its typical smell. Compares with other meats, particularly its "fellow", goat, the smell of lamb is not too sharp. But of course, for those of you who are sensitive, it may simply reduce your appetite. But don't worry, getting rid of the smell of the lamb is possible and even very easy.

What you should remember is that the way to get rid of the smell of meat may be slightly different from one to another. It depends on what kind of dishes you want to make. Well, here are some tips that can be done so that the lamb doesn't smell.

Remove Fat and Meat Internal Organs

Generally, the smells of animals such as sheep, goats, cows, and buffalo are at their strongest from the fat and internal organs. So, when you want to process them, you must remove the fat and separate the meat from the skin and internal organs first.

Indeed, buying lamb in the supermarket means that it has been free from fat. But who knows if there is still little fat remaining on its surface. So, you should check it first before cooking and removing the fat once you have found it.

Clean Lamb Without Washing

Washing meat is not recommended for some bad effects it gives. Aside from spreading germs and bacteria, the water that coats the meat can damage the meat's taste and texture. In some cases, the bad smell of the meat is even stronger after getting into the water.

Then, how do you clean the lamb without washing it? Just wipe the surface of the meat with a clean cloth or tissue. You may need to wipe vigorously on really dirty areas. Make sure to remove the fat and the remain of bones attached to the meat. Next, immediately cut the meat to cook or put it in the freezer.

Pour Lime or Tamarind Water

Some food ingredients are known for being effective in removing smell odors in meat and fish. For example, they are lime and tamarind. In addition, you can actually also use other acid-flavored ingredients, such as pineapple or tomatoes.

How to use them? Pour the lime or tamarind water thoroughly into the lamb before being cooked. Wait for at least 15 minutes until the smell seems to get rid of. If you use tamarind instead of lime water, avoid using it too much as it may affect the taste.

You can also use pineapple and tomatoes to remove the smell by covering the lamb with the slices. After 15 minutes or more, remove the slices and the lamb is ready to cook. For removing the smell using pineapple, it should not also be too much as the lamb's texture may change.

Using acid-flavored ingredients is not only beneficial to remove the bad smell from lamb and other meats. They also tend to make the meat more tender so that the cooking process is easier and faster. This method is recommended for lamb to grill or bake like steak.

Pour Salt

Salt is also good stuff in the kitchen to remove the smell as well as to tenderize the meat. To use it, just pour the salt thoroughly onto the surface of the lamb. Remember, don't use too much salt in this process as it may cause the meat too salty in the end. Of course, it is not good also for people with hypertension.

The process of marinating the lamb with salt may take quite long, around 1 hour. After that, immediately add other spices like chopped onion, pepper, and sauce depending on what type of food you want to make. Then, you can continue to the next step whether to grill, bake, or maybe stir-fry the lamb.

Slow-cook the Lamb

If you use the right spices, you can actually remove the smell of the lamb quickly. One of the cooking techniques to use is slow cooking. The easiest way is, of course, by using a slow cooker. But you can also use a regular stove and covered pan with a small heat.

Use some types of spices to fasten the smell removal. Those spices are including citrus leaves, ginger, turmeric, lemongrass, oregano, mint leaves, and more. The spices used depend on the dish you want to make.

Slow cooking brings many benefits aside from getting rid of the bad smell of the lamb. The meat processed with it tends to cook more evenly. The spice also Absorbs very well causing the lamb tastes good with a more aromatic flavor. Besides, the lamb tends to be more tender and the nutrients contained are not removed during the process.

Boil the Lamb with Spices

Do you need to cook the lamb faster? Well, it means you must forget the slow cooking method and just boil it. Boiling lamb is recommended for certain types of dishes like soup or curry. So, before putting the vegetables in the pan, you should use this technique to remove the smell of the lamb.

First of all, put the lamb in water only until it is boiled. Then, remove the water. Second, continue boiling by pouring spices into the pan. Cover the pan and increase the heat level. After around 15 minutes, check the lamb whether the smell has been removed or not. Check also if the texture has been more tender.

Lastly, put vegetables that have been sliced. Add seasoning if necessary. Automatically, the smell of the lamb is removed. So, how to get rid of the lamb smell? It is easy, isn't it?

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