9 Signs Of Loneliness That Most Lonely People Not Realize

9 Signs Of Loneliness That Most Lonely People Not Realize

Be careful if you feel that no one truly knows you or is isolated from others. It can be a sign of loneliness. The more you keep this feeling, it will turn into a condition known as chronic loneliness.

In this condition, you will move away from the crowd for a long period. So, you must know some signs of loneliness and treat it well before it's too late. The information below will explain more about it.

You Love to Buy Stuff

Experts explain that people who love to buy stuff instead of buying tickets for a holiday or spending money to go outside can be lonely. Satisfying your feelings and soul by buying a lot of items is different than feeling the smell, sound, and atmosphere of a certain place. Indeed, you may be happy after buying those items, yet it is only a temporary feeling.

After that, you are about to feel lonely again and buy new items. You will do this habit over again. In contrast, the happiness of going outside, tasting delicious food, and talking with friends last longer. You can still feel the sensation even after a few years.

You Love to Spend Time Drinking Your Favorite Drink and Taking Hot Shower

Be aware if you love to spend time drinking your favorite drink for a few hours. Then, you are choosing to take a hot shower instead of interacting with people. A lonely person thinks that drinking coffee or tea and taking a hot shower is enough to make them happy.

Indeed, these two habits are normal if you still meet other people and feel happy with them. It becomes a problem if you move from the crowd and choose to do it all the time. Experts explain that a lonely person will take a longer and even hotter shower than a normal person. Indeed, the purpose of doing this is to fight against their loneliness.

Your Stress Tension is High

A higher stress tension is also one of the signs of loneliness. As a lonely person, you will have difficulty releasing your stress. Say you want to talk about your problem to your friends, yet you can't do it. On the other hand, you also want to go outside only for a walk or holiday.

All you want right now is to just stay at home and spend time alone. The longer you do this bad habit, the higher your stress tension. In the long period, you feel that no one can help you anymore to move from this depression condition.

You Easily Get Sick

Yes, your health condition has a strong relationship with your loneliness or not. People who love to go outside with friends, family members, or colleagues are often healthier than people who love to spend time at home alone. The simplest example is when you love to be alone and feel lonely.

In this condition, you will easily get a cold or fever. Experts say that loneliness affects your stress and tension. The higher your stress tension, the more unstable your metabolism.

An unstable metabolism makes someone get easily sick. So, you should go to the psychiatrist if you feel sad persistently and get easily sick. It can be a sign that you are not only lonely but also stressed.

Incredibly, you will get healthy again when you can overcome the loneliness and stress. The idea is that people are often happier when meeting other people. Experts say that happiness has a strong relationship with the condition of your immune system. That's why normal people are often healthier than lonely people.

You Drastically Gain Weight or Even Suffered from Overweight Problem

Drastically gaining weight is not always a sign that you are happy. It also can be that you are lonely. Most lonely people will try to find an activity to overcome their loneliness. Eating is one of the ways to run away from the fact that you are lonely.

So, watch out if you love to eat more than your regular portion, yet you are still sad and empty. The longer you keep this problem, the worse the effect on your mental health. Being overweight leads you to a variety of diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, and many more. Plus, it takes you to the lowest self-esteem.

You Love to Spend Time Scrolling Social Media

Surprisingly, the way you use social media also shows whether you are lonely or not. Some studies explain that spending time using social media all day long increases your loneliness level. It seems that you are happy because you are connected to your friends or even have new friends from social media.

Yet, you feel empty after closing your social media. You realize that no one around you to talk to or discuss something just like you did on social media. Social media gives temporary happiness to lonely people.

Indeed, it is okay to connect people with social media, yet you need to maintain it. Instead of scrolling social media anytime and anywhere, you can stop doing it when meeting your friends or family members. Talk more to the people in front of you instead of virtual people in front of your smartphone screen.

You Get Confused to Call Someone in Your Phone Contact

You may have a lot of friends in your phone contact. Now, try to call one of them to ask them for a hangout. You may be lonely if you only scroll through the contacts without picking the right person to call.

Normal people can do it in a few seconds. They even look so happy to call their friends. In contrast, lonely people will be under pressure with this simple task. They even have negative thoughts when finally pick someone to call.

As a result, they keep postponing to call their friends. So, ensure that you are not only collecting phone numbers but also real friends you can call anytime you need them.

You Love to Spend Longer Time in a Quiet Place

It is okay to spend a holiday in a quiet place, such as a mountain, forest, or beach as long as you go back to socialize. The condition is different if you love to spend a longer time in a quiet place without any intention to socialize. You think that sitting while enjoying the beautiful sky, fresh air, and wonderful atmosphere is the happiest thing in the world.

It seems that you don't need anyone. Indeed, it is only a temporary feeling. After leaving the area you are about to be sad and lonely. It happens because no one you can ask to talk or discuss something.

You are Afraid of Talking to Others

Lonely people often avoid interaction and communication with others. They are too afraid and unconfident to do it. The most comfortable thing they do is go home and spend time alone. Indeed, the reality is that they are uncomfortable with the condition and try to press the feeling.

So, be sensitive to yourself or others. You may be lonely if suffering from the signs of loneliness above. The earlier you know the symptoms, the easier it is for you to treat them.

Just go to a psychiatrist or at least discuss your feelings with your friends. Chronic loneliness is dangerous. This condition triggers the deepest emptiness and useless feeling in life.

Soon, you will think that there is no point in life anymore. So, treat your stress and loneliness feeling now.

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