How to Efficiently Organize Mini Fridge in 9 Steps

How to Efficiently Organize Mini Fridge in 9 Steps

A refrigerator is not a new thing in the modern kitchen, but it does not mean that your kitchen can fit well with any type of fridge. In some kitchens, a large fridge looks great and functional, but it will not work that way in other kitchens with less space. A mini fridge might be chosen because of the limited space available yet it can still be functional if you know how to organize a mini fridge properly. You only need to follow these nine steps to make sure that every inch of your mini fridge space can be optimally utilized.

Optimize Your Mini Fridge Space

Optimizing your mini fridge space is a must because letting a space free will mean fewer items you can put in the fridge. You need to be creative to free up space in your mini fridge, after all. Instead of using underneath space for putting beverages, you can free the space up by using super strong magnets to hang bottles from the ceiling in your mini fridge. This way, there will always be more space to put food in your mini fridge.

Get Sliding Bins with Handles

Because the mini fridge only has limited space for storing items, you might just want to jam groceries into the deepest corner of your fridge. It might be a great way to utilize every available space in your mini fridge but it can cause a problem later since you will find it hard to retrieve them when you need them. To avoid this hassle, using a deep sliding bin with a handle will help you store groceries in the deepest part of your mini fridge without having to excavate them at dinnertime. You only need to grab the handle and slide the bin out to get the groceries you need for dinner and slide it back in to keep everything organized.


You will find more clutter in your mini fridge when you do not have any idea exactly what inside your fridge is. That is why labeling everything in your mini fridge will be a great way to organize mini fridge. By labeling items put in the fridge, each item will have its specific home. You will also be motivated to transfer food bought from the store into labeled containers for easy stacking and identification.

Add an Extra Shelf

How do you usually store tall items such as bottles in your fridge? People usually store them standing up, but this method can waste your fridge space. Since your fridge is mini in size, you need to find a better method for storing tall items.

Instead of storing them standing up, you can find it more efficient to lay them on their side. This way, you can add an extra shelf above them that can be used for storing more items to make your mini fridge more functional.

Use Binder Clip Hack

The binder clip might not be a common item you can find in the kitchen since it can be found more often in your office room. However, binder clips can be super useful when you have a mini fridge. You can organize your mini fridge better with binder clip hacks.

First things first, you can strategically place a binder clip onto a wire shelf in your mini fridge. It will be useful to prevent items, such as beer bottles from rolling around especially when you lay them on their side to optimize the space.

Binder clips can also be a useful rescue to prevent dead air space in your mini fridge. You can simply use them to hang bags of food such as shredded cheese or lettuce from individual wires in your mini fridge.

Line Your Transparent Shelves

It is normal to find a mini fridge that comes with transparent shelves inside. The shelves are added to help people divide spaces in their mini-fridges. However, since they are transparent, the division is not that clear and your mini fridge will look like a black hole.

That is why you might need to line your transparent shelves with plastic mats to help you organize mini fridge better. The mats will visually organize space in the mini-fridge. Cleaning up will also be easier with this small addition. You only need to remove and wipe the plastic mats anytime you spot a spill on your mini fridge shelves.

Use a Lazy Susan

Because the mini-fridge has a small space inside, you might just stack small items in it. However, finding small items in the mini-fridge can be a hassle if you have to take everything out to find the item you need. This situation can be solved easily by using a lazy Susan to put small things in the fridge. You only need to whirl it to reach what you need super easily. It will be a great tool to put jars of food that are used less frequently.

Repurpose Cardboard

Do you always have to buy new tools to help you organize your mini fridge? You can also find a six-unit cardboard box great to help you organize your mini fridge. You can put it in the fridge and use it to organize items of similar sizes, such as hot sauce and mustard.

Since you store them in the very same cardboard, you can simply bring the cardboard out anytime you want to serve them on the table or counter. This additional container will also help you put larger items in the shallow door space.

List Your Items

Space is precious, especially in your mini fridge and that is why you have to make sure that items stored in your mini fridge are everything you need. To monitor what is inside your mini fridge, you can make a list of items you put in the fridge.

You need to add new items added in the fridge on the list to help you know what you have. Of course, it will also help you know what can go from the fridge. It is also easier to know what you need to eat as soon as possible from your fridge. Making a list is a must to organize mini fridge better.

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