Complete Guidance of How to Develop Your Focus: 8 Easy Things to Do

Complete Guidance of How to Develop Your Focus: 8 Easy Things to Do

How to develop your focus? Focus or concentration is very important to improve our working performance. If you can focus on your job, this brings many benefits. Yes, the result of work that is made with a higher concentration tends to be better. Besides, you can also finish your job faster.

Unfortunately, focus is not something all people can achieve easily. Many of them must make too much effort to get it. That's normal anyway. People tend to have different levels of focus. How to develop it can also be different from one to another.

But in general, there are some efforts you can do to have a better focus. Sure, it takes time until the level of focus that you want is achieved. In addition, the result can also be different from one to another.

Interestingly, those efforts are not only advantageous for the focus thing but also they bring good effects to other aspects. So, what should you do to develop your focus? Here are some complete guidance tips you better follow.


Do you know that a spiritual approach can help you to get a better focus? Meditation is a good example of it. Meditation and other spiritual activities indeed only work if you have a high focus on doing it. Even before doing meditation, you need to do some steps first including managing your breath. This way, you tend to feel calmer and more relaxed.

Besides, you need to start it by placing your body in the right position. Make sure that all your body parts including arms and legs feel comfortable. This way, you will not feel sore, if you need to be in the same position for many minutes. This is also how you can concentrate faster after meditation has started.

So that the focus can be implemented well not only during the meditation but also in other aspects of life, you can practice the meditation regularly around 60 minutes per day. The best time to do it is in the morning before working and at night before sleeping. Of course, it is okay to add the meditation frequency during the holiday if you want.

Furthermore, meditation can be done anywhere as long as you feel comfortable and relaxed when in it. It is indeed suggested to do this activity in the open air. But in case, there is no such a space at home, it is okay to do it in your bedroom or even bathroom. For the best result, make sure to tell other people at home that you will have a meditation to avoid calling or even yelling at you.


Yoga is basically quite similar to meditation. Even some movements in yoga are intended for meditation. The difference is that the position in Yoga tends to be more varied. If the meditation is commonly done only by crossed-leg sitting, you can do yoga while standing or even lying down on the mattress.

Well, before talking more about yoga can help you develop your focus, it is better to discuss the definition of Yoga first. Yoga is a kind of exercise. But more than just dealing with the visible physics, it also trains your mind.

Therefore, while moving your body or placing it in a certain position, you also manage your mind to be more concentrated, just like what you do in meditation. That's why it can be said that yoga is a combination of regular exercises and spiritual meditation.

From time to time, Yoga is getting more popular in the world. Currently, there are some types of Yoga to choose based on the body's condition. Those types include Yoga Ashtanga, Bikram Yoga, and Hatha Yoga.

Don't worry, all types of yoga are proven to work well in improving focus ability. To make sure which one of the Yoga types is suitable for you, you can consult the experienced yoga trainer in your area.

Brain Training to Develop Focus

Just like our body, our brain can be trained as well. The brain training is commonly in the form of games that let you focus on one thing only. Well, although you may have not realized it yet, you may have trained your brain often by playing games such as chess, puzzles, sudoku, and more.

Based on many studies, playing such games is indeed believed and proven to improve the function of your brain. There are some positive effects to find such as the function of your brain getting stronger in analyzing, concentrating, and remembering. Playing those games is done by middle-aged people, it can also prevent them from problems like senility and Alzheimer's.

Aside from playing such games offline, brain training also works well to do using gadgets like smartphones or computers. Yes, this is good news for you gamers as playing online games for a certain duration tends to give the brain Training effects. In other words, you can improve your focus only by playing games on the smartphone.

But it must also be bold that the brain training using games only works only for a certain duration, not all the time. Playing online games is best only for around 2 hours at most per day and it is not recommended to be more than that. Of course, everything that is too much has never been good. Instead of improving the focus, playing games too long brings negative effects including brain and vision disorders.

So, are you interested in playing the game to develop focus? Make sure to make a schedule for it for the best result.

Pay Attention to What You Consume

Yes, what you consume influences the brain's health. For kids and early teenagers, enough consumption of food containing protein and fat is proven to develop the brain. It improves some functions of the brain including the ability to analyze, concentration, memory, and so on. So, if you are a parent, make sure to bring good food with protein and healthy fat for your kids to optimize their brain development.

On the other hand, adults may not need too much intake of fat unless they have certain medical conditions. So, if you want to develop your focus, instead of consuming too much protein and fat, you need more fluid. Therefore, the solution is to consume enough pure water around 1.5 liter or 8 glasses per day.

Then, to add more nutrition to your brain, you can also consume more fruits and vegetables. Aside from being a source of fluid, fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals that are needed by the brain and body. One of the fruits recommended for brain improvement is Avocado. Avocado is believed to repair the cognitive function of the brain. Besides, it also improves the lutein level contained in the brain and eyes.

Another nutrient needed for brain development is Omega 3. This nutrient is highly contained in fish and nuts. Interestingly, fishes and nuts are considered safe to consume by adults because their cholesterol level is quite low. But for the best decision of what to consume, consult it first with your trusted nutritionist.

Regular Exercise

The development of the brain is influenced by the healthy body. That's why, the next tip to do for focus improvement is by exercising. Spare your time around 15-30 minutes per day in the morning for this activity. Exercise can be something easy and simple like running around the neighborhood, push up and sit up, and others.

Simple exercises, when done regularly, are proven to bring many health benefits, not only for your body but also brain. Moving your body tends to smooth the blood circulation inside your body. As a result, the bloodstream to the blood tends to be without any blockage. Of course, it is very beneficial for the brain particularly if you want to improve your focus.

In addition, regular exercise also keeps the oxygen distribution to the brain. Enough oxygen lets the brain do its job better including when you need to super concentrate on something. So, despite your hectic schedule, make sure to do the exercise. If it is impossible to do it every day, it is okay to have this activity once every 2 days.

Arrange Your Room or Desk

Yes, you don't read it wrongly. Arranging your bedroom or just a work desk can improve your focus when working. It is actually an external factor that doesn't deal with your brain at all. However, changing the arrangement of your desk or room once a week, or at least, once a month, just motivates you to work.

Arranging the room and table is simply about changing the placement of important stuff. For example, you can sometimes place your desk near your bed but sometimes, it can be near the window to enable you to watch outside.

Changing the color of your bedroom wall painting is also good for your brain improvement. You can do it once a year if you want. Of course, changing the bedroom color or arrangement is the best particularly if you often bring your work back home. If you fully do your work in the office, changing the desk arrangement regularly is enough.

It is also not bad to put accessories or even favorite toys on the desk. Psychologically, putting your favorite things near you tends to make you feel happy at work. Consequently, work performance can improve just because of that simple thing.

But also remember, it doesn't mean that you can only focus on the arranging thing. After the bedroom or desk arranging is finished. Try your best to go back to your work. This is how the focus commonly comes and you can just finish your work better and faster.

Listening to the Music

For some people, working or studying while listening to music is an effective way to improve their focus. It is because the music can stimulate their brain to be more active and this is how the brain works harder just after the music is playing. Besides, listening to music also makes people more motivated to do their jobs. Well, it is just because they feel happy with their favorite songs.

So, what kind of music should be played when you are working? It is any kind of music. It is not limited to a certain genre. Indeed, many studies prove that classic music can help the development of the brain even though the baby has not been born yet. And this is true. But in general, it isn't only for classic music since other genres can bring the same effect although with different levels of effectiveness.

But it is important to remember also that not all people may find their concentration improves with listening to music. Some people find their mind then only focus on the music instead of their work. This just means their work cannot be quickly finished.

Therefore, it is better to recognize yourself well before choosing if you want to work with or without music. If you are one of them that can be more concentrated because of music, just go for it.

Having Enough Sleep and Rest

Lastly, you must have enough sleep and rest to build back your focus. People simply cannot focus and do their jobs well when they feel tired. So, if you have worked all day long, don't force yourself to continue it at night. Just hold it for a while and spare your time to take a rest or have some sleep.

Sleeping and taking a rest help you gain more concentration and motivation. Your ability in analyzing and critical thinking can also be improved after that. Even aside from room sleeping and taking a rest, it is not bad to spare your time to chit-chat with friends, play games for a while, take some snacks, and watch your favorite movie.

So that all those things can be done in balance, you can make a schedule for when to do your jobs, when to go to sleep, and when to do other activities. More importantly, make sure your brain is in a fresh condition when starting your job. This is a very effective way on how to develop your focus.

Faisal "The successful warrior is the average man, with laserlike focus." - Bruce Lee

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